Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another Tree!

Valentine's Day is over and the tree must come down!  I have the boxes out and will put everything up tomorrow.  It was actually a pretty good day.  Of course, my first one without my husband, so that was different.  It was also his birthday....he was a Valentine Baby!  I managed without a cry or a meltdown, so I guess I'm doing ok!  Omar was my Valentine!! He's a pretty boy!

Mardi Gras is a pretty big deal here in the Deep South!  I have my Mardi Gras tree up and it's so fun and festive!!!  I need to stitch a few new ornaments.  I have TONS of beads on there!  And my fun parasol from a convention we attended at some point.  (I don't even remember when!) Omar had to check it out!!


I got the pin removed from my poor finger!  I am having to do exercises and try to make it more limber and not so tight.  This whole freaky thing is such a pain.  But, I am doing it and playing a little bit with it and typing on the computer.  Also, I have it wrapped because it was swelling at first!  This has really been unbelievable!  This photo was taken right after it was removed.  Now my little wrapping is beige and very thin.

You know that I can't sign off without a Zoe photo or two!  She is trying to smile now!  The first photo was taken by my daughter-in-law and the second was taken by me!


Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon!  I appreciate all your wonderful and sweet comments!