Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Where I've Been...

Dear Blogging Friends,

I am so very behind, and have thought about posting so many times recently.
I truly think I will finally get caught up and back into the wonderful swing of blogging and stitching!

I am a very private person, and you know that I usually post mainly about stitching, with a few fun things thrown in the mix.

My darling, sweet husband had been sick for the last 16 months.  I always thought he would get well. This has been a long, hard journey and last Tuesday he lost his battle with lung cancer.  Before you ask, he was not a smoker and this is just one of those things.....

We are devastated and sad beyond all sadness.  I cannot believe he is gone and I cannot believe that I am a widow in my 50s.  But this is how it is and we will keep going and somehow we will be ok.

I didn't have much to post recently--I had been caring for him more and more, which took all of my time.  You know I wouldn't have been anywhere else but with him.  I still have my church job, which I am so grateful to have!  We had a beautiful Funeral Mass there in the Cathedral and it was so lovely.

I have a stack of finishing to do, and hope to jump into that for some pleasure and distraction from all of the other stuff I must now take care of!  I also plan to put up my patriotic tree this week.

Anyway, please say a prayer for my family.  We will heal and be ok, I know.  My son and his wife are doing ok and we've been spending a lot of time together.  I'm also grateful for my beautiful cat Omar--he is such company and I'm so glad to have him with me!

I'm sorry this is such a "down" post, but I wanted to explain my huge absence.  I will be back on a happier note very soon!