Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Studying...and More Heaven!

I have been studying for my Comprehensive Exam for my Masters Degree...not much fun! But it WILL be fun when I take the exam and it's over!!  It's Saturday, and I just hope I can get through it in one try!  Then I'll be ready to finish up and graduate in May!!

Needless to say, I haven't gotten much stitching done recently. But I have great dreams of many things I want to make.

Well, today I went by for tutoring with one of my retired professors from my Bachelor's Degree. (35 years ago!  LOL!!!)  He lives in a neighboring town about 25 minutes away. We had a great session and I feel so much better after seeing him!  While I was there, I went to my very MOST favorite shop, The Olive Branch.  This place is amazing!! They keep grapevines running on the ceiling year round. They have little twinkle lights in them, and hang seasonal decorations on them, too.  Since Christmas is in full swing, I felt I had earned the chance to run by there after my tutoring--a FUN thing to do after all that studying!!

You will remember that in my last post I said Hobby Lobby was heavenly...and it is! HOWEVER, this place is unbelievable!  Just look at all these lovely photos of their beautiful trees, decorations, and displays!  I could buy one of everything in this store!  But I didn't--I actually only bought a gift for my daughter-in-law!


I hope you enjoyed this little picture journey in one of my favorite stores!  It really puts you in the Christmas Spirit!  I'm planning to have things back to "normal" and get back to stitching! (fingers crossed!)
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Is this what Heaven's like??

Since I have been blogging, I have shown several of my fun trees for various times of the year.  I haven't blogged for a year yet, so you haven't seen all of them!  However, my very favorite time of year is Christmas--many of you probably agree!

Each year, the stores put the Christmas merchandise out earlier and earlier.  It's been out for a while now, right beside Halloween and Thanksgiving!  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday.  I don't go often because it's rather out of the way for me, but I had other things to do in that area, so I ran in.

You all know that they have lovely decorations for any holiday imaginable!  Every year I get "weak at the knees" when I see aisles and aisles of ornaments!!  I just can't help it! I'm like a 4 year old!  I just stand in a daze and look at everything with a smile on my face!!  I had to take a photo of the store to share, even though most of you probably have already seen this in your own stores!!

Just look at all this loveliness!  I cannot believe the huge amount of ornaments!  And there were several more aisles--I just took a few shots!  It is almost overwhelming, but in a good way!! LOL!!  I am very happy that I don't work there, having to organize all of this!!!  But I'm certainly glad someone does!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014


This year I participated in the 2014 Halloween Exchange, organized by Kim, and it was so much fun! Thank you, Kim, for doing this!
The postman brought me a wonderful package the other day...all the way from Australia!!!! I was so excited and ran in to open it quickly!  What a precious mug rug from Jo!!  I love it!!  I also love sweet black kitties, so this is just perfect!  I borrowed this photo from her blog, and she says she made two while she was sewing!  (I'm sure glad one was for me!!!)

I know it's a mug rug, but I propped it at the base of my Halloween tree for now!  It just looks perfect there and I do love it!!
What a good exchange experience!  Too, too cute!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Blog Hop!

Well!!!  It's time for my Around the World Blog Hop!!!  I was invited to do this fun little activity by Jacquie from My Journey Starting 2013.  Many of you have enjoyed Jacquie's wonderful blog, and I was excited that she asked me to participate!  She is so sweet and fun--how could I say no!!!

The questions I am to answer are as follows:

1)  What are you working on now?
Well, I don't keep many, many WIPs going at the same time!  I never have!  But, right now I'm working on a sweet little freebie from Jacquie, herself!!!  I'm sure she won't mind that I shared this link, because her freebies are on her blog!  I primarily stitch ornaments and smalls, and when I saw this little Halloween cutie, I knew it was perfect for me!  I am stitching it on a little scrap of salem cloth with some Designs for the Needle variegated thread!  I love how it's going!

I do have one WIP languishing in a drawer, from probably 25 years ago!!!  It's LARGE and I feel it calling to me!!  (It's probably a UFO now!!!)  I think I will have to get some work done on that...maybe not finished immediately, but at some point!!!  I haven't looked at it in several years and I forgot how pretty it truly is!!!  The colors are really lovely!!

I also have several new charts that I really want to stitch! I have bought some, some were from exchanges, gifts, and some I won!  I think I'll try having a few WIPs going!  I see others with several, so maybe I need to try!

2)  How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I really don't know if my work is any different from anyone else's!  I do stitch every style--I don't limit myself to just primitive, or just "cute" or anything like that--I like all of it!  I also put all of it together. I think everything "goes together" and I use it all.  I guess I'm referring to the ornaments that I stitch.  I have some silly ones, some primitive ones, some traditional, etc.  I use any type of fabric--I don't limit myself.  I'm probably considered thrifty--or cheap!!  I have bits and pieces of fabric from years ago and I've been using it all up rather than tossing it out!  I will stitch on Aida.  I know that some don't and that's fine.  I also love to stitch on linen--just whatever I have that is the proper size or color for the project!  And I like all of them!

3)  Why do I create what I do?
I really enjoy it!  I guess I'm what you would call a "creative person!"  In college I majored in music and minored in art.  I've always done creative things.  I love to decorate my home--not just for the seasons, but the furniture, paint, flooring, etc.  We went through a large renovation a couple of years ago and that was so much fun.  I am rather decisive, so I don't sit around and worry and fret about choices--I just jump in and do it!  I LOVE cross stitching, and with the ornaments I stitch, there is also the chance to finish them with fabrics, buttons, trims, etc.  It's just another creative step!

4)  How does my creative process work?
I don't think I really have a "process!!"  I just look at something and start!  I do get ideas in my mind. My major problem is finding the time to actually get those ideas done!  You may or may not remember that I am in graduate school, to graduate with my Masters in Music in May!  YAY!  I am truly hoping that when I finish that, my free time will open up and I can stitch and create like crazy!!!!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this little blog hop!  I am passing the "hop" on to two lovely stitchers:

Sally  Stitchyangel

I have gotten to know these two sweet girls from blogging!  They both have lovely blogs (links above) and were so excited to participate in this fun blog hop!  One of the greatest things about blogging is getting to know so many wonderful folks from all over the world!  Look for a post from them on October 20th, but go check them out now!!

Thank you for stopping by and do visit again soon!

PS--I don't know if anyone is a football fan--it's really popular here in the United States in the South.  My husband and son both attended Mississippi State University and we always go to their games.  This weekend, with a huge win over Auburn, they are now Number One!!  This is unbelievable and everyone is thrilled!  (The game was great, even though we sat through a downpour in ponchos.......)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Decorating!

It's time for me to show my Halloween decorating.  I used to do much more when our son was young, but now that he is married and in his own house, I do less in the way of Halloween decorations. I primarily concentrate on my tree, but also put a wreath on the door and decorate a mirrored piece that's in our den.

I love this long-legged black cat!!  I found it at Michael's and put it with a few glittery pumpkins and leaves I already had.

Here is my Halloween tree, full of cross stitched ornaments, as well as cute little bought things I've found through the years.  It makes me smile to see it!  This is a lighted tree, but I add "candy corn" lights to it for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

These small views show different areas of the tree.  I love all the ornaments!  And you can see my NEW lovelies from Terri (DixieSamplar) that I described in my previous post!!

This is a cute little French freebie and I added flat sequins to the bottom.  It is backed in black velvet. It is by Nathalie and on her blog.  So cute!!

Here is another cute little freebie, and it is edged with little black beads.  It is Halloween Delight! by La Chatelaine Designs, but I cannot find it anywhere online!!!

This is a Waxing Moon chart called #129 Black Cats' Halloween.  I love this cute kitty!  It is backed in candy corn printed fabric and I made a beaded edge and used Halloween ribbon.

This little pumpkin freebie is backed with the same pumpkin fabric you see on the front. It is from Cyberstitchers and is by Judi Utter.  I just love that sweet sock monkey ornament!  I got it this year at Pier 1!! 
This is a precious little freebie from Homespun Elegance and I used some printed Halloween ribbon on the front.  It is backed in the same fabric you see.      

This Trick or Treat? freebie is so cute!  It is backed in matching Halloween fabric.  I searched and searched, and couldn't find it online! I have had some of these freebies for a long time, and I guess they aren't available any more!

This freebie is from The Stitcherhood.  I used a scrap of lavenderish aida and put the cute bat fabric and ribbon with it!  I cannot locate it on their website now.....

This was a freebie several years ago.  I backed it in Halloween fabric and added eyelash trim across the bottom.  I cannot find who the freebie is by!!!!  If anyone knows, please tell!!  It's one of my favorites, though!

This is a cute little jack-o-lantern from Just Cross Stitch 2010 Annual Halloween Issue!  It's by Casey Buonaugurio and I stitched it on orange linen.  So cute!

You can see that I enjoy holidays and look forward to each of them!  I hope you had fun visiting today and please come back soon!

Friday, October 3, 2014

What a wonderful day!!!

I feel like Christmas has come early!!!  You may remember that I participated in a couple of exchanges this year.  It's new to me, but hey---I think I could get used to this!  I have mailed both of my parcels, and have received one--and it is fabulous! (and yes, I'm checking my mailbox daily for the other one!!)
The Harvest Exchange 2014 was organized by Terri and I was lucky enough to receive a package from her!!!  I am absolutely thrilled with it!

Look at this bounty of greatness!!  She included so many lovely things...charts, floss, backing fabric, scissors, trim...the list goes on!  and TWO wonderful stitched pieces!  I am overjoyed!

This is a precious little bag that can be used so many ways! I can put treats, flowers, and any other decorations in it!  I just love it!  The stitching is so tiny and cute, and the finishing is wonderful! I love it!  Right now it is hanging on my tree because I didn't want my cat to sit on it!!! LOL!!

This lovely ornament has the cutest tiny black cat!  It is so perfect!  I love it, too, and it has found a wonderful spot on my tree!

Thank you so much, Terri!  I am absolutely thrilled with my exchange from you!

Thank you for visiting, and do stop by again soon!