Thursday, December 21, 2017

Snow and Christmas!

Dear Blogging Friends:

It's that wonderful time of year now!  I do love Christmas!  However, it's quite busy for those of us who serve as church musicians!  But the music is so lovely now!

I even got to visit with Santa!  Of course I told him I was a good girl!!

Most of you know that I live in Mississippi.  That means that we have plenty of warm weather, most of the year!  I was quite surprised to wake up and find this a few days ago:


Marly suggested that everyone should show their decorations, and of course, I'm last minute, but here they are!!  Yes, it's time to show my trees this year!  I ended up putting up 5 this year!  I didn't do as much last year, and I guess I'm just feeling a little bit better this year.  My husband had only been gone a few months last year and I just did the best I could.  Things are better this year.

Here is Omar with the big tree in the living room.  This is the tree that is our family tree and where Santa came for years!


This year, I decided to put up my glass tree.  I hadn't put it up for about 3 or 4 years.  It was time!  It's always been my favorite, and all of a sudden I had too many ornaments for one tree....I must really like them a lot!  Ha!  So, I decided to put them on 2 trees and just enjoy them that way.  One is in the music room and one is in the dining room. The 2 rooms are across the foyer from each other.  I have some Christopher Radko, as well as some Dollar Tree ornaments, all hanging together!  I love them!

This is my cross stitch tree.  It's the same small tree that I use for all the different holidays.  I really need to do some more stitching and have a bigger tree for them!  Maybe one day!  Even though I'm a cat person, I have always loved Snoopy, so I have some Snoopys sitting under the tree!!  

This is taken from my foyer, and you can see the big tree and one of the glass trees, along with the little cross stitch tree.  The other glass tree is in the dining room to the left, but I am not good enough with the photography to get it in the same photo!

Here's the little pencil tree in the breakfast room.  It's got Mississippi State stuff on it.  I didn't go to MSU--my husband and son did.  I'm hoping to send the box of ornaments to my son's house after Christmas.....I think they need it more than I do!!

My music tree and the Star Trek/Space trees didn't get done this year.  But that's ok.  There's next year!  And I think the Space stuff needs to go to my son's house, as well!  I was lucky this year and got my wonderful handyman to come and set up all the trees for me!  It was so much easier than waiting for family or someone to come and get it done.  That big one is quite heavy and awkward, so this worked out great.  And yes, he's coming back to take them down and pack them up!

I didn't do a lot of other decorating, but I put some balls around in pretty bowls.  I used a few of my mother's old glass bowls, and they look nice and hold great memories. These are some antique balls from my husband's mother.  They're sitting on my mother's furniture and by her lamp.  I love having family pieces around.

We can't have a post without precious Zoe!  Here is a reindeer, happy but refusing to wear her antlers!

Cross stitch friends are the greatest!  I have met so many lovely people through this blog!  My dear friend Catherine of I Love to Stitch sent me a lovely package recently!  It was a long day, and I was so excited to find an envelope from her in the mailbox!  Look at these lovely things!

She sent a wonderful chart, which I love, as well as some sparkly fabric that looks like snow!!  So pretty!  And she made a scissor fob that I love--I don't even own one, so I'm thrilled to have this one.  And she also made 2 beautiful beaded snowflakes, which are so sparkly and shiny!  Here's one on my tree!  I just love them and appreciate being thought of!!!!  Thank you so much, Catherine!

I have some closeup photos of ornaments, that I will post before Christmas!  I love to just sit and admire my trees!  I'll be back soon with those photos!  Plus some bird photos, too!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Come back and visit again soon!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This Year Has Flown By!

Dear Blogging Friends:

I really cannot believe this year is almost over!!!  It seems like just yesterday when I put up Christmas trees, but it was a year ago!!!  I have almost completed the decorations on the largest tree, and I will show my Christmas trees on my next post!

Since I seem to be a step behind, I will show my Thanksgiving tree, now that the holiday is over!  ha  I love the Thanksgiving decorations.  There's something about those warm colors that just seem like home and family!  I enjoyed this tree. 

I had my family for Thanksgiving.  It's a small group now.  We had 8 adults and our precious Zoe!  I got a high chair for her, so she could sit with us.  She put on quite a show.  I thought she was tired, and we tried to put her down in her baby bed, but she would have not part of it!!  Also, as they were coming in, she spotted Omar and shrieked and laughed, so he went and got on my bed for a while.  While we were eating, he came out and sat in the middle of the blanket I had put on the floor for her, and looked around like he owned the place!!  ha  After the meal, some played with him and some with her, so it worked out fine!  This is my son and his little family!

I've been bird feeding and watching-a new, fun hobby!  I took this photo of what I think are red-winged blackbirds, even though I don't see the red spot on their wing area.  There were 9 or 10 of them on the patio this morning.  So pretty and very shiny black feathers!  I will let Beth look at this and give her opinion--she is our resident bird expert and I have emailed her and gotten much info!  You all know Beth from Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles.  In addition to her beautiful and fun stitching, she is an expert on birds and wildlife!!  And her blog is filled with her beautiful photography!

I received a WONDERFUL surprise from our friend Catherine at  I Love to Stitch.  She is so very sweet and kind.  I will show beautiful photos on my next post!

Thank you for visiting and please come back soon!  I will post very shortly!  I have my house almost finished for the Holidays!  I've even started stitching a small Prairie Schooler cardinal ornament, which I will show.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Well, time just keeps flying by!

It was 35 degrees here a couple of mornings ago!  That is surprising!  But it warms up during the day so we have no complaints!

I am finally showing my Halloween tree, since the day is here!  Each year it looks a bit similar!
But it's a fun tree and I enjoy it!  This isn't the best photo, but all I came up with!

You all know I have my sweet granddaughter Zoe!  I was looking in a store at Halloween costumes-of course I wouldn't buy one--that's for her parents to do!  But I saw some precious ballerina, princess, and other "girly" costumes.  I thought she would be so cute in them.  When I got to their house one day, they said they had gotten her a costume, even though she is only 9 months (almost 10).  They selected a devil!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Not what I had envisioned!  But she sure is cute in it!!  haha  I think the tail is the cutest part!


It looks like she's aware of how cute she is!!  I brought her to my house for the afternoon and she grabbed Omar's tail...he squealed and turned around and hissed at her!  Oh  my!  We will have to have some friendliness sessions!  (for both of them!)

I hope everyone has a big Halloween!  I will be at All Saints Vigil Mass, so I will miss the candy et al!  I hope to have a longer post soon!  Plus, I'll be putting up the Thanksgiving tree shortly!

Thank you for visiting-please come again soon!


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Many shocks!

Dear fellow bloggers:

I know you're reading this with your usual shock at seeing a post from me!

Things have been rather busy, but all is good!

I really don't have any stitching to show right now, but I will soon!

I was in charge of a wonderful organ recital last week, and it went so well!  We had a guest artist to come and play.  It was very well attended and the priest and I were so pleased!  I have two more recitals scheduled-one in December and one in January!  I am very excited about that!

First shock:  My Halloween Tree is already up!!  I have been so tired of's still a little bit hot here, but that won't be for long!  The weatherman says that it will be around 80 degrees by Friday, so that's certainly positive.  I decided to put up the Halloween Tree, to make it seem more like the Fall!  haha    I will show you a photo on my next post!

Second shock:  I have started feeding the birds!  It is a huge shock, even to me, but something I've wanted to do for a while.  A good friend gave me a lovely handmade bird feeder, several holidays ago!  It is beautifully shaped and so smooth and pretty.  I didn't hang it up for a while. Then, I finally got a handyman to do the honors when he was here to complete a long list of other things.  It's on the eave of my house, outside the breakfast room bay window.  Ok--feeder up, but no food.  I routinely forgot the food and would remember it about midnight!  I looked out one day and a sweet little bird was sitting in it, looking at it with a pitiful face.  I got in my car and went to Kroger for food!  They really liked that!  Then, my church was selling candles, etc, and there was a seed bell in there, so I got 2 of those.  There was another hook out there already, so I hung one.  All the birdies were so very happy.  I knew the bell would break eventually, and it did.  SO, back to Kroger for a long plastic feeder with 6 perches!  Everyone is elated!  I have never had any experience with hummingbirds-never had the desire.  BUT, I looked out and one was circling the seed feeder looking forlorn, so when I was in Lowe's later that day, I got a hummingbird feeder and the "juice" and a hook!!  The handyman was back, so he hung that one, too.  Now everyone is happy!  I love to watch them.  Omar gets on the kitchen table (a no-no) and watches them while trembling and slapping his tail around!  He has really enjoyed them, too!  Beth from Garden Grumbles has no worry that I will ever have as many feeders as she, or as much knowledge!  I would like to, but that would require that I hire someone to handle it all!  But it's certainly been fun and I try to look them up in a book to identify them!  I'm doing pretty well with that!  Here are the most amateur photos you will ever see!  But, I will work on that in the near future!

I always show a photo or two....

Omar is my happy cat!  He loves to get my shoes and roll on them.  I guess they have my smell and he just loves to be on them!

I can't make a post without including sweet Zoe!  She was all dressed up for a football game! She has learned to clap!  She also can sit up by herself and is beginning to crawl.  She is 8 months old!  

Thanks for your visit! I will post my Halloween very soon!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Special Finish!

Hello fellow bloggers!

This has been such a jam-packed time, with lots of fun and interesting things!

This is another finish I finally got done, and really one of my most favorite ones!  I stitched this a number of years ago.  It was from a JCS Christmas Ornament magazine.  I will have to check and let you know what year.  (I forgot!)  I love this sweet cardinal with a scarf.  It is stitched on red Aida.  I have tried to use up scraps of fabric--I cannot bear to throw away good fabric, even though most people don't use Aida.  I think it turned out really well, and I love his funny legs and feet!!!

Cardinals are special to me ever since I read on FB about cardinals being sent by loved ones who have passed, as a sign to let you know they are around.  They come at any time, but especially at times of great joy, or times of sadness or difficulty.  I always feel peaceful when I see a cardinal!  So, this little ornament reminds me of that!

I got caught up in the Eclipse fun!  I thought it was great!  My son and his father-in-law drove up to Missouri to see totality.  It was a little cloudy there, so they drove to Paducah KY and watched it there.  They found an event at a jr. college there and it was narrated by an astronaut.  So, that was very enjoyable.  My brother drove to Athens TN and was in a large parking lot with many other people and said it was fabulous.  I stayed at home, on my driveway!!!  It was about 86% here, but I loved it.  It became a little darker, but similar to dusk.  It got noticeably cooler.  It was awe-inspiring! Nature is so amazing!  I had read to look at shadows through the trees--you would be able to see little crescents, and that is just what happened on my sidewalk!  So amazing!


There was a real "run" on eclipse glasses and people were paying WAY too much!  I got mine weeks ago and paid $1.99!  I think I missed my calling as an eclipse glasses model!  haha

This is not a great photo of Zoe, but it's the new one I took this weekend.  She (and her parents!) came over for lunch on Sunday, before my son left for the eclipse.  We had a good time.  I tried to get Omar to pay attention to her.  He pretty much ignored her, but at least he didn't hiss at her like he's done in the past!!!  She, however, was very interested in him this time, and was really eyeing his fluffy tail!  She will be 8 months old in a few days.  Time really flies!!!

That's about all for now.  I hope to have more news soon!  haha
Thank you for visiting!


Saturday, August 5, 2017

More Finishes!

Dear Fellow Bloggers:

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last post.  I have been so inconsistent with my blog.  I am so pleased that I still have a few readers!!

I think I have the no-reply blogger fixed.  I'm certainly not sure!!  But I worked on it a long time!  At one point, I had it fixed to where no one could comment!  hahaha  I can't believe these settings are so difficult to deal with!

I told you earlier that I had a wonderful finishing day with my dear friend Janie, when she was down for a visit with her mother.  We did many things, and I was so pleased to get a few totally completed.  Below are two cute St. Patrick's Day finishes.  One from Lizzie Kate and one from Blackbird Designs.  I love both of these, and I am pleased with how they turned out!  It's hard to see, but I have little beads around the edge of the Luck to You! and I like the fluffy ribbon on the stocking.  I will enjoy these on next year's St. Patrick's tree!

As always, I have to post a cute photo of baby Zoe! She is a happy baby!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and your summer.  It's been so very hot here, but we had a little break with some slightly cooler weather this week!  It was great!

I still have another finish to show, so stay tuned for that!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another Finish!

Dear Blogging Friends,

I have another finish to show.

However, I must comment about my blog situation.....I am on Google+ because that's how it was when I started this blog, apparently.  I become no-reply blogger every so often.  It looks like the setup of Google+ has changed slightly once again.  I have been no-reply recently.  I messed around with this last night until midnight!!  I think I might have it fixed, but I certainly cannot guarantee it!! HA  And to make it worse, now instead of showing my number of comments, it shows a larger number, saying that some are spam and don't show!  I do not know how that happened!  I would love for it to go back as showing the actual number of comments, and not some "doubled number" that includes spam.  I don't get it!  Anyway, please look and see if I might still be no-reply on your blog!!!  grrrrr
And if you have any solutions, I'm all ears!!

My cousin was cleaning out (she's been doing this for months--she's slow!!!) and had this little piece she stitched in the late 70s or early 80s.  She won't throw anything away, so she asked me if I wanted it.  I told her I would take it and make an ornament, if she didn't object to my cutting it up!  This is how it looked out of the frame.  Ok, but not so much!  ha

She did not care if I cut it up, so I measured it and tried to make it into an ornament that wouldn't be huge.  I really like the way it turned out.  I am very pleased with it!

I also just realized that I had not shown you my sweet Mother's Day gift from Zoe.  It is a precious Yankee Candle with her famous sunglasses photo on it, and they named it "Made in the Shade"!!!!  I just love it and I've enjoyed it so much.  I like to keep a candle burning all the time.  I love beautiful smells.  How cute is this??

Finally, here's a quick snap of Zoe!  She goes to day care at the Methodist Church nearby.  I had to play for a funeral there yesterday, and I was able to pop in and say hello to her!  She was sitting up.  She hasn't figured out how to do it on her own, but she enjoys it if you help her sit up!  (No, she isn't balancing a block on her head--that's just my great photography skills!!)

Thanks for stopping by!  I have other finishes to show, so check back!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hello There!

Dear Blogging Friends:

I have looked back and am a little bit surprised at how long it's been since I blogged!!  I have had a ton of activity at my house, and I just haven't sat down and worked on my blog.  But I'll try to tell you what all has been going on!!!

I'll talk cross stitch first!

I did get my Patriotic Tree fixed, and I'll show it now!

I always love my Patriotic Tree!  It gives you a "happy feeling" every time you see it!

During my "absent time" my dear friend Janie came for a visit and we had a wonderful day of finishing!  I got several things done, and I'll show some now, and save some for a future post!!!!
(That way I will have some news to share!)

I did get one little flag ornament done for this tree!   I have several others for different trees, and I'll be showing those soon!

I thought this turned out pretty cute for a Spring/Summer look.  I bought this little framed, discontinued store model in Memphis a couple of years ago.  It's on perforated paper.  I like the cute little ceramic buttons and the beading.  I took it out of the little solid green frame and attached the paper to a little pillow ornament.  It's not my very favorite, but still cute!

I have been traveling a great deal with my post as National Vice President of my music organization.  Since my last post, I have traveled to Alabama, South Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, and Dayton Ohio. This week I will be in Minneapolis and I'm looking forward to that!  I enjoy the meetings so much.  I usually give a speech and I really enjoy the wonderful concerts that always take place.  So much fun!!!  Here is a photo of me speaking at the national banquet.  Now that I'm pretty much finished with traveling for this year, I need to watch my eating, so there will be less of me to love!! hahaha  Such a hard thing to do!

I think Omar is rather displeased when I travel and leave him at home.  My son comes by to check on him once a day when I'm gone.  When I came back from the last trip, he ran and sat on my carry-on and just stared at me!   I think this is so funny!  (Don't you love my leopard luggage??)

I also got my ears pierced since my last post!  I had never had them done and I felt really silly going in the store to check on it.  I first went to a little accessory store, and it was full of children running around and making great noise!  I didn't feel comfortable there at all!  So I walked next door to a cosmetic store that also pierces.  It was so calm--no one in the store--soft music--so nice!  So, I got them done and I have enjoyed earring shopping.  I was told to only get gold for the first few months, so I have several pretty ones.  One of them is bothering me at the moment.  I hope I don't have to go to the doctor for an earring issue!  

Since I last posted, the one year anniversary of my husband's passing has come and gone.  I cannot believe that much time has passed.  It has been a hard year, but I almost feel like a survivor and a victor for making it through.  I have handled many things that I never thought I would face and it has not always been easy.  I have a new respect for those of you who have always been alone or have been alone for a long time.  The world is not always kind to single women, but I have learned to forge on and most attempts have been successful.  Oh well. This is a photo of him, several years ago.  He had beautiful eyes!

I am wondering if I'm a no-reply blogger again!  My account is Google+ and it has been a problem since day one!  If you will check and let me know, that would be great!  I have checked.  It looks like it's ok, but I'm not so sure about that!!!  grrrrrr

My precious little granddaughter is now 6 months old.  They went to the beach at Gulf Shores AL and I think Zoe really enjoyed it!  Here are two cute with her other pair of sunglasses and another with her swimsuit and sun hat!  I think her little legs are so cute!! haha


Thank you for stopping by and reading this post!  I hope to post again soon!  (Yes, I'm aware I say that often and it doesn't always happen!!)  But I do want to show you the other finishes I have, so I know that I have those photos to show.  Come back and check soon!

I have been skimming over your blogs while I've been away from posting.  I see that many of you have issues, problems, sadness, etc.  I am sorry to read this and I hope you know that I feel for you and I can certainly empathize.  Please know that and hang in there!


Friday, April 21, 2017

A New Trend!!

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I know you think I moved away to a foreign land or am hibernating in a nearby place! However, neither is true!  It's been Holy Week at church and much business around that!

I'm going to start a new trend, I think!!!  I didn't get my Easter tree on the blog before Easter.  (You may also recall that my St. Patrick's tree was late, too!!)  Maybe this should just be the way I do things now!  hahaha  But I didn't want to let the holiday slip by without showing the tree!  So, here it is!  I'll be switching to a Spring tree this week!

Speaking of Easter, I had lunch at my house.  My child and his family didn't come.....they went somewhere else.  I was a little bit disappointed, but I decided that I would not be sad and sit around and cry!  SO, I called several people that are alone, and we all got together at my house and had a wonderful time!  It was such a lovely lunch, and everyone seemed so glad to be included!  I guess when life gives you lemons, you must make lemonade!!  I forgot to take a photo of my table, which was pretty with my mother's ceramic rabbits in the center of the table.  I took this after I had washed all the dishes except the glasses and chargers.  I couldn't believe I forgot my camera!!  Oh well, this gives a general idea.  It was very festive!

Holy Week and Easter were beautiful at the Cathedral.  Everything went so well and the music was fabulous!  (If I do say so myself!)  The choir was wonderful and I had a flute soloist along with the pleasure of playing our wonderful pipe organ.  The church was decorated to a "T" and looked gorgeous.  This is a panoramic photo of the Cathedral.  It's so beautiful!!!

My dear friend Janie has told me that she is coming for a visit in May, so we will try to get some finishing done!  We both have a stack to deal with, so I hope to show progress soon!!

Well, you know I have to show my granddaughter!  She came to visit me and we had a nice time!  We went outside on the porch for a while.  I had noticed her squinting and sneezing previously in the bright sun, so I had gotten some fun leopard sunglasses! You're never too young to be fashionable!!!

When we went inside, a certain kitty was not particularly pleased to have attention-getting competition at our house!  As I went to put her in the bed for a nap, Omar jumped in and gave a forlorn look!!  I think he feels he's been demoted!!  hahaha

Finally, here's a sweet smile to close with!

Thank you for stopping by!  I appreciate the few readers I have left!  I have been so sporadic in my posting, but I'm determined to continue my blog!  Thank you for visiting, and please stop by again soon!