Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Many shocks!

Dear fellow bloggers:

I know you're reading this with your usual shock at seeing a post from me!

Things have been rather busy, but all is good!

I really don't have any stitching to show right now, but I will soon!

I was in charge of a wonderful organ recital last week, and it went so well!  We had a guest artist to come and play.  It was very well attended and the priest and I were so pleased!  I have two more recitals scheduled-one in December and one in January!  I am very excited about that!

First shock:  My Halloween Tree is already up!!  I have been so tired of Summer....it's still a little bit hot here, but that won't be for long!  The weatherman says that it will be around 80 degrees by Friday, so that's certainly positive.  I decided to put up the Halloween Tree, to make it seem more like the Fall!  haha    I will show you a photo on my next post!

Second shock:  I have started feeding the birds!  It is a huge shock, even to me, but something I've wanted to do for a while.  A good friend gave me a lovely handmade bird feeder, several holidays ago!  It is beautifully shaped and so smooth and pretty.  I didn't hang it up for a while. Then, I finally got a handyman to do the honors when he was here to complete a long list of other things.  It's on the eave of my house, outside the breakfast room bay window.  Ok--feeder up, but no food.  I routinely forgot the food and would remember it about midnight!  I looked out one day and a sweet little bird was sitting in it, looking at it with a pitiful face.  I got in my car and went to Kroger for food!  They really liked that!  Then, my church was selling candles, etc, and there was a seed bell in there, so I got 2 of those.  There was another hook out there already, so I hung one.  All the birdies were so very happy.  I knew the bell would break eventually, and it did.  SO, back to Kroger for a long plastic feeder with 6 perches!  Everyone is elated!  I have never had any experience with hummingbirds-never had the desire.  BUT, I looked out and one was circling the seed feeder looking forlorn, so when I was in Lowe's later that day, I got a hummingbird feeder and the "juice" and a hook!!  The handyman was back, so he hung that one, too.  Now everyone is happy!  I love to watch them.  Omar gets on the kitchen table (a no-no) and watches them while trembling and slapping his tail around!  He has really enjoyed them, too!  Beth from Garden Grumbles has no worry that I will ever have as many feeders as she, or as much knowledge!  I would like to, but that would require that I hire someone to handle it all!  But it's certainly been fun and I try to look them up in a book to identify them!  I'm doing pretty well with that!  Here are the most amateur photos you will ever see!  But, I will work on that in the near future!

I always show a photo or two....

Omar is my happy cat!  He loves to get my shoes and roll on them.  I guess they have my smell and he just loves to be on them!

I can't make a post without including sweet Zoe!  She was all dressed up for a football game! She has learned to clap!  She also can sit up by herself and is beginning to crawl.  She is 8 months old!  

Thanks for your visit! I will post my Halloween very soon!



marly said...

Isn't it fun to see all those winged visitors? We at one time had five large feeders taking a 50# sack of sunflower seeds for all. Our bags went from $10 to $40 and that was just too much since they needed filled at least once a week. The price has dropped some and I considered starting again, but the killer cats would not be far away.

That little angel is a cutie pie. Congrats on the recitals!

Vickie said...

I am so happy to hear that you continue to enjoy your work Frances. Your birds are wonderful. Your granddaughter is just precious!!

Terri said...

That Zoe is such a cutie! And our cat, Peyton, who looks almost exactly like Omar, likes our shoes, too!

Carol said...

I get a lot of joy out of watching birds come to our feeders, too, Frances! So glad they are bringing you and Omar smiles :)

And how cute is that little Zoe--adorable!!

Beth said...

Reading your posts always makes me smile - you have such a happy optimistic outlook on life. I think you will really enjoy watching the birds - as will Omar. Our Padma cat used to LOVE rolling around on my sandals and flip-flops - good smells. Zoe is such a sweetie - isn't it amazing how quickly they grow and change?

Claudette497 said...

Mother of birds seems like such a fun job to take on!

diamondc said...

Frances: Zoe is getting to big and so cute, she is adorable.
I am looking forward to seeing your Halloween Tree.
I love to feed the birds, and the deer, we have a golf course for a back yard and they come every morning and every evening to feed, they are so pretty.


Angela Tucker said...

Omar looks stunning in your sandals. LOL I think it is the diamonds with his beautiful white fur coat. LOL

Congratulations on your recitals. It is wonderful to have a job that really isn't a job because you love it so much.

Zoe is a cutie. She is growing up so fast.

I have some bushes in my backyard that attract birds. I like to sit out back and try to distinguish one from another. Even with a book, it's pretty tough!! My eyes just aren't what they used to be. LOL

Looking forward to your Halloween tree... SMILE