Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Special Finish!

Hello fellow bloggers!

This has been such a jam-packed time, with lots of fun and interesting things!

This is another finish I finally got done, and really one of my most favorite ones!  I stitched this a number of years ago.  It was from a JCS Christmas Ornament magazine.  I will have to check and let you know what year.  (I forgot!)  I love this sweet cardinal with a scarf.  It is stitched on red Aida.  I have tried to use up scraps of fabric--I cannot bear to throw away good fabric, even though most people don't use Aida.  I think it turned out really well, and I love his funny legs and feet!!!

Cardinals are special to me ever since I read on FB about cardinals being sent by loved ones who have passed, as a sign to let you know they are around.  They come at any time, but especially at times of great joy, or times of sadness or difficulty.  I always feel peaceful when I see a cardinal!  So, this little ornament reminds me of that!

I got caught up in the Eclipse fun!  I thought it was great!  My son and his father-in-law drove up to Missouri to see totality.  It was a little cloudy there, so they drove to Paducah KY and watched it there.  They found an event at a jr. college there and it was narrated by an astronaut.  So, that was very enjoyable.  My brother drove to Athens TN and was in a large parking lot with many other people and said it was fabulous.  I stayed at home, on my driveway!!!  It was about 86% here, but I loved it.  It became a little darker, but similar to dusk.  It got noticeably cooler.  It was awe-inspiring! Nature is so amazing!  I had read to look at shadows through the trees--you would be able to see little crescents, and that is just what happened on my sidewalk!  So amazing!


There was a real "run" on eclipse glasses and people were paying WAY too much!  I got mine weeks ago and paid $1.99!  I think I missed my calling as an eclipse glasses model!  haha

This is not a great photo of Zoe, but it's the new one I took this weekend.  She (and her parents!) came over for lunch on Sunday, before my son left for the eclipse.  We had a good time.  I tried to get Omar to pay attention to her.  He pretty much ignored her, but at least he didn't hiss at her like he's done in the past!!!  She, however, was very interested in him this time, and was really eyeing his fluffy tail!  She will be 8 months old in a few days.  Time really flies!!!

That's about all for now.  I hope to have more news soon!  haha
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marly said...

I love bird finishes and your cardinal is sweet. Hard to believe she is 8 months already? Are you sure?? LOL!!

Carol said...

Oh, your cardinal finish is special, indeed, Frances! I still remember when you sent me the information from FB on the significance of cardinals right after my dad died in 2014. That meant so much and each time I see a cardinal (often daily!) I always say, "Hi, Papa!"

Zoe is such a sweetie--I'm sure you don't spoil her much do you ;-)

Vickie said...

The cardinal AND Zoe are darling!

Terri said...

Love your cardinal and that Zoe sure is a cutie!!!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Really cute cardinal, but your granddaughter steals the show!

Beth said...

What a cute cardinal ornament Frances. Sounds like you had a good eclipse experience. I did too - it was amazing to think about these three huge orbs, sun, moon, earth, rotating through the heavens in a shadow dance. Gave me shivers! Hope Omar and Zoe are able to come to terms.

Marilyn said...

What a cute Cardinal.
Zoe is too cute also!

diamondc said...

Frances: Zoe is so cute, love the photo.
I think you make a beautiful sunglass model please do not fool yourself you are lovely.
We had rain for the eclipse oh well, I love seeing the crescents on the sidewalk so cool to see.
I am in love with your Cardinal, I had never heard about the Cardinal before today but have learned that if you see one after ones death they have made it safely to Heaven.


Justine said...

That really is a special ornament! I have heard the same thing said about our English robins.
I love seeing photos of Zoe, she is getting so big! I'm sure she will be chasing Omar round in no time.
Lovely eclipse photos too - you look great in those glasses!

Shelly said...

A wonderful finish! Yes, you could be a model for eclipse glasses. You would have to travel all over though! I totally forgot to see the eclipse but here in Arizona there wasn't going to be much sighting, too cloudy also. Your granddaughter is a cutie:)

Angela Tucker said...

You are a FABULOUS model! And you should sign Zoe up for the tour!! You are both beautiful.

I was at work, and it was overcast, so not much eclipse for me. I've seen a few lunar eclipses, and yes, the world is amazing! Sometimes, I sit outside, waiting for the stars to come out. So quiet and the darkening sky puts a whole new perspective in your heart. Have a great week, Frances.