Monday, September 29, 2014

Exchange Package Received!

I had never participated in an exchange until this Fall!!!  And I got rather industrious and did TWO! I haven't heard from one yet, but this was the First Annual Halloween Ornament Exchange, organized by Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread!!  I wasn't exactly sure what to send, but I just went with it!! My partner was Joelle and here is her blog.   She lives near Paris, so my little package traveled around the world to get to her!  It actually got there faster than I thought it would and she has contacted me and told me that she liked it! That's a relief--she was so nice!  Here is the ornament, a freebie called "Halloween Costume" from Birds of a Feather. Also, here's a snap of the rest of the package I sent!  It was really fun! NOW, I'm waiting to get mine, from somewhere!  HA HA

I hope everyone is enjoying cooler weather and getting ready for Fall happenings!  This year has really flown by for me, and I just don't know where it went!

Thanks for stopping visit again!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Witchy Finish!

I just stitched up this little Lizzie Kate piece.  It is a really quick stitch and fun to do!  I changed up the colors some--I used a little scrap of a purplish Aida and didn't put a button where the pattern says to!!  The hanger is a cute green Halloween ribbon and I added some orange and black on the left, under a witch's hat button.  I like this little "eyeball" print fabric I put with it.  
I have one other little ornament I'm going to try to complete this weekend.  Then I must get serious about studying and won't have a ton of time to stitch!      Boo!  Hiss!!

I have mailed both of my exchanges and will be showing those once I hear that they are received.  I hope everyone has a fun weekend and gets lots of stitching done!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A lovely package!

Last week, I was the winner of the precious little Uncle Sam chart from California Stitcher--Annette!  I was thrilled to win and looking forward to getting it!  What I didn't realize was, she planned to send a lovely package full of goodies!  It just made my day!!!  YAY!!!

This envelope had all of these "cutely wrapped" little goodies in it!  I couldn't believe it!

Then, I opened everything carefully, and admired the "loot"!!!  I was so lucky!

Look at all these beautiful things!!!  Fabric, ribband, floss, a sweet little flag, and even a little music ornament kit!!  How great is this???? And so patriotic!!!

She even included a wonderful needle book that she made for me!  So special!  And included were lovely pins and needles!  I told Annette that I feel like Christmas came in September!
Thank you so much, Annette--this was a great, great surprise for me, and most appreciated!

I have mailed off my two exchanges and will show you those shortly!  I've never done an exchange--ever--and suddenly I jumped in and did TWO!  I can't wait to show you what I sent and I hope my partners like them!
Then it'll be time to show my Halloween tree!  So, I've got things to "show and tell"!!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another finish!

This may be the last of the stitching I "got back"!!  I stitched this in 1990 for my mother-in-law, who collected black and white cows.  It was in a little frame and I got it back recently.  I didn't have anywhere to hang it, so I turned it into a little ornament!  It will look cute in spring and summer--and I'll think of her when I see it!
I have no idea who the designer is--it's just been too long!

Thanks for your kind comments about my little squirrel!!  (or whatever he is!!! LOL)
I've done some other stitching and finishing, so I've got more things to post!
Please come back soon--thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall finish!

Lately I've "gotten back" a few small pieces I've stitched--my house is SO full and so are my walls!!  However, you know I love ornaments, so I'm turning them into ornaments so I can enjoy them!  This little squirrel was a very small framed picture I stitched for my father in 1982. He was very ill and died at a young age.  He used to love to watch the squirrels play in the yard--we lived in an older neighborhood with giant oak trees and squirrels everywhere!  I made this for him and he thought it was cute!  I gave him several "squirrel" gifts during those years!
Anyway, I decided it would be a perfect fall ornament.  It is stitched on brown Aida cloth.  I used a couple of fall fabrics and brown rick rack and leopard rick rack, accented with brown buttons.  I used a sheer brown and yellow ribbon for the hanger, attached with more brown buttons.  The backing is light brown with little mini pumpkins.
I have no idea who the designer was--I am thinking it might have been a note card.
**ALSO, in looking at this now, I'm wondering if it's actually a chipmunk???  (because of the coloring!)  Oh well, if it is, no one has ever said anything!  HA HA

I am putting up my Halloween tree now, so check back to see it!  Thank you for stopping by--please come back soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Such great FUN!!!

Oh, I had a lovely weekend, and part of it was because of a wonderful stitching and blogging friend--Jacquie!  Oh, she really outdid herself by surprising me with a wonderful RAK!
I went out to check the mail, and a nice large envelope was in there with my name on it!!  I saw that it was from England, and from Jacquie!!  That was so exciting--I ran inside and grabbed the scissors to find out what loveliness was inside!

Look at this PRECIOUS gift wrap!! It's the cutest little BEE paper!!!  I love it!!  Oh my--I used my scissors again to cut the tape so I could admire the paper later!! (I'm such an old lady!  HA!)

Inside was a darling mug mat with a precious kitty, stitched in redwork! Jacquie does beautiful redwork and I love it so much! So very cute and I love the finish!!  Also included were some wonderful trims--"patriotic" rickrack, which I'll enjoy using AND the cutest BEE ribbon!  I love them and will definitely use them on favorite ornaments!

There were even some treats for Dolce!!!  I put them in the chair with her so she could see them, and she was so excited--she just sniffed and sniffed!  I opened them and she jumped right in and enjoyed a fun snack!!  We don't have this exact food in the US--similar, but not exactly!  It's really a treat for her!

Thank you so much, Jacquie!!  You really made our day and surprised me so much!  I really appreciate you and your kindness!

Thank you, fellow bloggers, for stopping by and please come back soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We have a WINNER!

Yes, I am late in announcing my giveaway winner today!  I've gotten tied up in all kinds of things and just didn't get my post written!  I hope the suspense didn't get the best of you!!!

The Prairie Schooler Garden Beasties Winner is:

CAROL--of Stitching Dreams!!

Let the celebration begin!!

Thank you to all who entered and to those who are new followers!  I will be having other giveaways throughout the year, so always check!  I appreciate all of you and thank you for reading my blog!

Carol, please email your mailing address and I'll get this off to you very soon!  I hope you will enjoy it and I know that your finishing is superb--you can make anything look great!

Thank you for stopping by and please come back soon!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Chance for GIVEAWAY!

Don't forget that I will be drawing for the Prairie Schooler chart giveaway late on Tuesday! I'll announce the winner on Wednesday! Now's the time to get your name in the hat!  The only rule is you must be a follower!  If you haven't signed up, you can sign up on this post and I'll put all the names together!

I've been doing some stitching....for I can't show you those at the moment, but I'll have something to show really soon!  I have a couple that only need finishing and I'm going to get to those quickly!
I hope you've had a nice Labor Day holiday and a good start to the month of September! (where has this year gone???)
Thanks for stopping by--please come back soon!