Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's Almost Easter!

Hello, friends!  Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, and that means Easter is next Sunday!  This year is really moving along!

I guess this means it's time to show my Easter Tree!  I've had it up since the St. Patrick's tree came down.  I've always loved sweet bunnies and lambs, so Easter decorations are darling to me!  This year I have cross stitch, bought ornaments, silk flowers, palm crosses from previous Palm Sundays, and some precious little things my son made when he was young!

In the right photo, you see a cute "hatchling" with a purple bow, designed by Sharon Welch, and located here.  The sweet brown and white bunny is a Prairie Schooler from A Prairie Year # 13.

I love the fat little orange carrot--I pulled it from some chart--I don't remember which one, but it's easy to find Easter charts with carrots!  I used some precious Easter fabric for finishing, and some egg printed ribbon!  At the bottom of the photo, you can see one of my son's little toilet paper roll bunnies that he made for our place cards one year at Easter!!!  They're getting a little smashed, but I still put them out--best place to save them is on the tree!

I must have really liked this bunny, because I stitched it twice!!!  They look different, though, so I hang both!  I found it here, and it works up quickly!  The one on the left is on linen, and finished simply with ribbon stripes.  The one on the right is on green aida and finished with lime and pink flowered cotton and some left-over pillow trim!  The hanger is attached with hot pink bunny buttons!

Here's a cute sheep that's part of a larger freebie by Jardin Prive, found here.  I used a button/lace edging and added a sweet sheep button on the right side of the lace.  This sweet variegated pink bunny is one of Homespun Elegance's eggs in Spring Eggs I.  I was afraid I couldn't sew an egg shape at the time I made this, but I have made several since then!!  

The sweet little yellow bunny on the left is a freebie from Kirsten Schmidt but I cannot seem to locate it online...The sweet egg-shaped hot pink Easter bunny is a freebie from Sylvia, located here. 
In the right photo, you see the sweet sheep again.  The darling egg shaped bunny with pink rick rack edging is part of a freebie from Val's Stuff, found here.   The cute little pink Peep pattern isn't online any more, but this one is probably the closest thing to it!  I used a hot pink bunny button and a carrot button to attach the hanger ribbon.

On the upper left, you see a peach flower from Prairie Schooler Spring Miniatures.  I added a little bee button and used some green African print fabric with it.  The sweet green bunny in the center is a freebie by Alexandrina and located here.  It's finished with cute dotted ribbon trim.  The two sweet turquoise rabbits with the ruched ribbon are by Nouveau Encore Designs and located here.  I used only the rabbits from the chart.  You see some crochet-looking carrots on the tree--I didn't make these!  They came from the mark-down shelf at Tuesday Morning a few years ago--I think they are precious!

I did go to Memphis again at the end of last week.  I did buy more things...I may need an intervention!  It's been so much fun, though, so I'll probably go back again soon!  I'll show you my purchases on the next post!

Thank you for visiting!  I hope you all have a happy and blessed Easter!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Giveaway Winners!!

Well--Happy Blogoversary to ME!!!  Today, March 22nd is my One Year Blogoversary!

It's been a great day!  Well, not really--our lights were off for 12 HOURS!!  I work as a church organist and since today is Sunday, I had to go to the choir room an hour early and dry my hair and put on my makeup!!!  Oh well, it all worked out now, and all is back to normal!!  A tree fell on some lines, or something like that!

It's time to announce to winners of my Blogoversary Giveaway!

Giveaway No. 1--Halloween:   Marlene of Stitching By the Lake

Giveaway No. 2--Christmas:  Ariadne of Ariadne from Greece

Giveaway  No. 3--Prairie Schooler:  Shelly of An Arizona Stitcher

Congratulations to all of the winners!  I wish I had something to give to everyone who entered!  I was thrilled that so many lovely people entered, and said they have enjoyed my blog!  It's been fun!
Winners, be looking for an email from me!

I've been stitching a little bit--nothing to really show.  I think I'm going to Memphis again with my husband toward the end of this week!  He's been going there to meetings for years, and I never went with him until recently.  Now I want to go every time, and visit Stitchers, Inc!!  

Thank you again for your kindness through this past year!  I look forward to my second blogging year, and to many fun experiences with all of you--you are the best!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Giveaway time!!!

Greetings!  It's been almost a year that I've had my blog--March 22nd is my blogoversary!

In honor of that accomplishment, I'm going to have a giveaway!!  I hope everyone will enjoy it!  In thinking about what to give, I decided to focus on things that I like! HAHAHA!   You all know that I love to stitch ornaments, and I love Prairie Schooler, so those are what I'm centering my giveaway around.  It will have 3 parts--and you can just comment on which ones you would like to be entered for!  Pretty Easy!!!

Giveaway Number One:   HALLOWEEN
I have a selection of buttons, DMC threads, little gold scissors, and 3 Halloween magazines.  The magazines are from my own stash--but are in really good condition!
I'm including Just Cross Stitch Annual Halloween Issues from 2009 and 2011, and Cross-Stitch & Needlework September 2010.

Giveaway Number Two:   CHRISTMAS
This also has buttons, DMC threads, and little gold scissors, plus four Just Cross Stitch Ornament Preview magazines (from my stash!)  2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Giveaway Number Three:   PRAIRIE SCHOOLER
I'm including All You Can Eat # 97 (this chart was used when I bought it, but is fine to stitch with!), Who's There Halloween card, Mini-Card Collection "C", and assorted buttons and gold scissors

Here is a closeup of the cards in set "C"

I hope that you will enjoy these treats, and will want to win them!  Let's have the drawing on my blogoversary, Sunday, March 22nd!  

I have really enjoyed the blogging world, and all the wonderful people that I have "met" through it!  Thank you for stopping by this last year, and I look forward to more visits in this second year!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring is coming!!

Dear friends....I cannot wait until Spring is here!  It's just around the corner!  YAY!  
I absolutely love the beautiful green landscape here in Mississippi!  It's really one of the most beautiful Spring places on earth!  There are flowers everywhere and much wildlife, and a mild temperature.  (Yes, it does get rather WARM in the Summer!)

Anyway, I went outside, looking around for birds and Spring things!  I have enjoyed seeing Beth's outdoor/bird/wildlife posts at her blog!  She is an expert photographer and knows so much about birds and critters!!!  Check out her wonderful blog, if you've never seen it!

I'm going to post a few fun photos--but these were taken with my phone, so don't expect great and fabulous photography!  I had such a good time outside, looking around at everything and just appreciating the beautiful world!!  I must take more time to relax and enjoy it!

I have no gardening skills at all, but I do enjoy looking at other people's yards, and wish that mine was as nice!  However, I have a few little things planted outside that make me happy, so I'm going to share those with you!

My pink hyacinths are coming up!

My jonquils are just coming out, but the one below is the only one with a bloom!

These are Easter lilies.  People at my church donate Easter lilies each year, but everyone doesn't come and get their lily when we take them down. Since I'm on the Flower Guild, I've brought home some of the "unclaimed" Easter lilies each year and we just put them in the "natural" back corner of the yard, which is where the jonquils and hyacinths are, too. The lilies come up every year, usually around Mother's Day.  I will be sure to share a photo!  They are really pretty.  They're peeking out now!!

*All of the hyacinths, lilies, and jonquils are left over from the church!

There are many, many birds and wildlife in Mississippi!  I forget to notice them, but they are everywhere!  I live by a creek, so there's always activity there!

There were TONS of robins everywhere, hopping around and looking for food, I guess!

We have too many Canada Geese, but I've always thought they were so pretty!


We have mallards swimming by...

And this fellow is new to me, called an American Coot!  What a funny name!  I saw two of them swimming by.

We also have at least 6 egrets that love to stay in the creek by my house!  They are so big and pretty.  I'd love to see where they might have a nest.  I'll have to investigate!  There's also a couple of blue herons, but I haven't gotten their photo yet!

I have several bottle trees in our yard!  These are trees that can't be ruined!!!  I love them and enjoy the colors in the sunlight.  I have a lot of champagne bottles (a friend saved them from a party) but I also like my fish bottle and my violin bottle!  They are so much fun! I see that these need a little bath so they'll be sparkling! day! LOL!


Well, that sums it up for today.  This is not my usual type of post, but it's been fun!  I'll be back with Blogoversary Giveaway news, so check back!

Thank you for stopping by, and please come back soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Paddy's & Giveaways!

I cannot believe we are already into the month of March!!!  This year is flying by!  I guess you know that means it's time for my St. Patrick's Tree!!!

I have several cross stitched ornaments, as well as an assortment of bought cuties!  I even have green beads from Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade, that is held annually in Jackson, MS.  I have a few Irish trinkets from that parade, as well.  One interesting tid-bit about the parade: some of you are readers--and if you like hilarious books, you will be familiar with the Sweet Potato Queens!  Jill Conner Brown is the originator of The Sweet Potato Queens, and they originally marched in the Mal's Parade.  (They've had a parting of ways and now march in another parade....but still in Jackson!)

Anyway, sorry for that little tangent!!!!

This sweet little freebie was from Sylvia.  I changed it just a little bit but I think it's so cute!

This is a cute freebie from Plum Street Samplers.  I really love the colors!

This is a sweet Prairie Schooler from Prairie Year Rounds.  (No, I didn't make it round!!!)

I got this precious freebie from Feathers in the Nest.  I can't find it on her blog at the moment. Jennifer suggested pinks and greens, so that's what I used.  It's really a fun one!

This was a tiny little free design that I just kept adding stuff to--ribbon, buttons, etc.  I don't know where I found this, but you could do something similar with any shamrock pattern.

I made this little pillow to display a very old family piece...this little pin belonged to my great aunt--we were very close to her.  We called her "Nannie" and my cousin recently gave me this little pin, to fashion into an ornament.  It has 3 little wire "leaves" and there was fine green thread woven on those leaves.  Only a small portion of the green thread is left.  I thought it was really sweet, so I decided this would be a way to preserve it. The little "bisque" pipe is sewed on and is labeled "Japan".  I liked the plaid blue and green ribbon and the green buttons to finish it.

You may remember that I participated in the Grow Your Blog event this year, and had so much fun visiting other blogs and seeing all the lovelies that people are creating!  I found the cutest blog, The Lady of the House Speaking.  Pamela is an Anglophile and she had the funniest post about Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances!!  I love that show! Anyway, Pamela's husband is in the Navy and they live in Washington state now.  She put together a lovely box of local treats and I was lucky enough to be the winner!!!  She included Seattle chocolate, Marionberry Jam, wonderfully scented handmade soap, and a precious heart ornament! (That heart will have a place of honor on one (or more) of my trees!!  She also included a sweet note on a postcard of her city, which looks like a wonderful place to live.  I just love everything!  Thank you so much!!  I linked her blog above--please check it out!  She is very creative and interesting!!!  I have really enjoyed following her blog!

OK...speaking of blogoversary is March 22nd!  I cannot believe that I have had my blog for a year!!!  In ways this year has flown by!  There have been ups and downs, BUT, all is great and I have really enjoyed my blogging!  Thank you to those who read my blog.  I guess I was nervous that no one would really want to hear what goes on here in MS, but it's been such a lovely experience.  I feel like I know so many of you and I really enjoy hearing from you and seeing what you're doing!  
All of this is leading to a Blogoversary Giveaway!  I've got my thinking cap on and will announce the Giveaway on my next post!  So check back and take advantage of it, whatever it may be!! HAHA

**I also need to mention that Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a wonderful giveaway, too!  Be sure to check it out!  Look at her gorgeous floss colors!!

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Much Fun To Share!!!

Well, I did get to go to Memphis because my husband had an important meeting to attend. It has been cold here but no snow in the center of the state, where we live.  Heading north, we did actually ride through some snow.  I KNOW that many of you will be laughing at the photo of the "snow" below, but you must remember.....this is Mississippi, and we don't get several feet of snow like some of you do!  HAHA  It was pretty, though, and the roads weren't icy (main problem we get here) and the drive was easy!  I did take this while I was driving...a big No-No, but I wanted to be sure and get a snow photo before we drove away from all of it!  LOL

We drove up on Thursday night and stayed in Tunica, MS, to break the trip in half!  How pitiful is that?  Since his meeting was at 10am, we would have needed to leave at 5:30am to get to Memphis on time....better to stay in Tunica, at one of the casinos.  Some of you may not like casinos--I don't really have an opinion either way.  MS got them and they were first located in Tunica, which was the poorest county in the entire US.  This was a big economic boon for them, and our state, so I just choose to view the positive of it all.  Our room was lovely--wasn't sure when we drove up because it's a little bit plain on the outside, but the rooms were quite nice.  Throw in free food and it made for a very pleasant evening.  I did put in a $20 bill in a slot machine, and it ate it up and didn't spit out anything AT ALL!  It took less than one was no fun at all!!  I brought my laptop and went  upstairs to work on my midterm exam that is due Tuesday.  I finished it, and that was a much better way to spend my time!  HAHA

We got up the next morning and ate more free food before heading out to Memphis.  We got there easily and I left my husband at the office, which is about 2 miles from Stitchers Inc. on Poplar Avenue.  This is their website, which doesn't contain much info.  But don't let that fool you...the store is great!!!  These photos aren't too good because they're taken with my phone, but you can see the TONS of merchandise that is available, and this is only a tiny bit of what is in that store!

They are a Mill Hill (some kind of special dealer--they have everything Mill Hill).  This is a portion of one wall of kits.  They have many more than this!  If Mill Hill makes it, it's there!

They have a beautiful selection of stitched models EVERYWHERE!  This is not a good photo, but this is a glass case full of lovely models.  They have an expert finisher--the finishings are really pretty up close!!  
(I think that's some type of fan or something, stuck up in the middle!  HAHA  Just ignore that!)  
They also have a ton of needlepoint canvas there--handpainted--and they have the yarns, etc for it. So beautiful!!  Those needlepoint models were exquisite!!  Really pretty!  The models are all over the store--this is just the glass case by the front door.

Of course I had to buy things!!!  I decided to get a bunch of beautiful threads...They have whatever you are looking for.  I took several of my charts and pulled threads for them. These colors are so beautiful!!!

I also found several charts to pick up!  Some were even in the sale bin--my FAVORITE place to shop! These are such fun and I know I'll love stitching these!  It may take a while to get to everything, but it will be so much fun!

This was a fun, quick trip, and we both enjoyed it!
Thank you for stopping by and please come  visit again soon!