Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring is coming!!

Dear friends....I cannot wait until Spring is here!  It's just around the corner!  YAY!  
I absolutely love the beautiful green landscape here in Mississippi!  It's really one of the most beautiful Spring places on earth!  There are flowers everywhere and much wildlife, and a mild temperature.  (Yes, it does get rather WARM in the Summer!)

Anyway, I went outside, looking around for birds and Spring things!  I have enjoyed seeing Beth's outdoor/bird/wildlife posts at her blog!  She is an expert photographer and knows so much about birds and critters!!!  Check out her wonderful blog, if you've never seen it!

I'm going to post a few fun photos--but these were taken with my phone, so don't expect great and fabulous photography!  I had such a good time outside, looking around at everything and just appreciating the beautiful world!!  I must take more time to relax and enjoy it!

I have no gardening skills at all, but I do enjoy looking at other people's yards, and wish that mine was as nice!  However, I have a few little things planted outside that make me happy, so I'm going to share those with you!

My pink hyacinths are coming up!

My jonquils are just coming out, but the one below is the only one with a bloom!

These are Easter lilies.  People at my church donate Easter lilies each year, but everyone doesn't come and get their lily when we take them down. Since I'm on the Flower Guild, I've brought home some of the "unclaimed" Easter lilies each year and we just put them in the "natural" back corner of the yard, which is where the jonquils and hyacinths are, too. The lilies come up every year, usually around Mother's Day.  I will be sure to share a photo!  They are really pretty.  They're peeking out now!!

*All of the hyacinths, lilies, and jonquils are left over from the church!

There are many, many birds and wildlife in Mississippi!  I forget to notice them, but they are everywhere!  I live by a creek, so there's always activity there!

There were TONS of robins everywhere, hopping around and looking for food, I guess!

We have too many Canada Geese, but I've always thought they were so pretty!


We have mallards swimming by...

And this fellow is new to me, called an American Coot!  What a funny name!  I saw two of them swimming by.

We also have at least 6 egrets that love to stay in the creek by my house!  They are so big and pretty.  I'd love to see where they might have a nest.  I'll have to investigate!  There's also a couple of blue herons, but I haven't gotten their photo yet!

I have several bottle trees in our yard!  These are trees that can't be ruined!!!  I love them and enjoy the colors in the sunlight.  I have a lot of champagne bottles (a friend saved them from a party) but I also like my fish bottle and my violin bottle!  They are so much fun! I see that these need a little bath so they'll be sparkling! day! LOL!


Well, that sums it up for today.  This is not my usual type of post, but it's been fun!  I'll be back with Blogoversary Giveaway news, so check back!

Thank you for stopping by, and please come back soon!


Angela Tucker said...

I think your pictures are beautiful! I have robins and some of the other neighborhood birds, but no egrets or herons. The drought has not been easy for them. I love the bulbs pushing through the leaves, such a great color combination.

marly said...

I enjoyed seeing your wildlife and soon hope to see GRASS here instead of snow!

Beth said...

What a fun post Frances. Glad you are having better weather and enjoying the outdoors...birds and bulbs. What could be better?

Brigitte said...

Such beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see the first jonquils around here but I still might have to wait a little bit.

butterfly said...

Beautiful photos, I love the easter lily not seen one before , only on victorian pictures.

Vickie said...

I loved seeing more of your world Frances. It is such fun to see the variety and beauty everywhere. I especially love Great Blue Herons and the Egrets too.

Jacquie Morris said...

Loved your photo's.... They are so much better than mine!! At least yours are in focus!!
I loved seeing all the wonderful things where you live.... The new flowers popping up and peeping through and the wildlife.... It's all so beautiful.
I enjoyed popping in today...thank you :)
Smiles :)

diamondc said...

Frances: Your pictures turned out wonderful.
In Minnesota when we see the Coots in the fall we know winter is very close by.
Love your bottle trees, I wanted to have one but living on a fairway it would not be a good idea, they would get hit with golf balls.

Happy Spring

StitchinByTheLake said...

What wonderful wild life you have - we have many of the same birds plus we've even seen an eagle on the lake here. :) blessings, marlene

Ariadne said...

All the colourful bottles look so beautiful among the greenery!AriadnefromGreece!

Carol said...

So glad spring is coming to Mississippi, Frances! We still are snow covered here, but I hope it will be melted by next weekend :) Love the bottle trees--that may be a good solution for our deer problem--a tree that they absolutely can't munch on!