Friday, September 26, 2014

Witchy Finish!

I just stitched up this little Lizzie Kate piece.  It is a really quick stitch and fun to do!  I changed up the colors some--I used a little scrap of a purplish Aida and didn't put a button where the pattern says to!!  The hanger is a cute green Halloween ribbon and I added some orange and black on the left, under a witch's hat button.  I like this little "eyeball" print fabric I put with it.  
I have one other little ornament I'm going to try to complete this weekend.  Then I must get serious about studying and won't have a ton of time to stitch!      Boo!  Hiss!!

I have mailed both of my exchanges and will be showing those once I hear that they are received.  I hope everyone has a fun weekend and gets lots of stitching done!
Thank you for stopping by and please visit again soon!


Rachael Ball said...

I love this, it's really cool and the finish looks so professional!

Jacquie Morris said...

You are just so creative, I love popping in on your blog :)
Wonderful, love everything about it!
Your tree will look AWESOME!
Smiles :)

Lisa T said...

Such a cute piece. I love the saying *wink* and the fabric is perfect. There was another saying I saw on a t shirt the other day that said, "You say witch like it's a bad thing." Hee hee.
Looking forward to seeing the exchanges!

KimM said...

This is so CUTE! Love your blog and your stitching.

Vicky L said...

So cute! I love hoe you finished it!

Andrea said...

A great finish. Love the googly eyed fabric, perfect!