Monday, October 13, 2014

Blog Hop!

Well!!!  It's time for my Around the World Blog Hop!!!  I was invited to do this fun little activity by Jacquie from My Journey Starting 2013.  Many of you have enjoyed Jacquie's wonderful blog, and I was excited that she asked me to participate!  She is so sweet and fun--how could I say no!!!

The questions I am to answer are as follows:

1)  What are you working on now?
Well, I don't keep many, many WIPs going at the same time!  I never have!  But, right now I'm working on a sweet little freebie from Jacquie, herself!!!  I'm sure she won't mind that I shared this link, because her freebies are on her blog!  I primarily stitch ornaments and smalls, and when I saw this little Halloween cutie, I knew it was perfect for me!  I am stitching it on a little scrap of salem cloth with some Designs for the Needle variegated thread!  I love how it's going!

I do have one WIP languishing in a drawer, from probably 25 years ago!!!  It's LARGE and I feel it calling to me!!  (It's probably a UFO now!!!)  I think I will have to get some work done on that...maybe not finished immediately, but at some point!!!  I haven't looked at it in several years and I forgot how pretty it truly is!!!  The colors are really lovely!!

I also have several new charts that I really want to stitch! I have bought some, some were from exchanges, gifts, and some I won!  I think I'll try having a few WIPs going!  I see others with several, so maybe I need to try!

2)  How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I really don't know if my work is any different from anyone else's!  I do stitch every style--I don't limit myself to just primitive, or just "cute" or anything like that--I like all of it!  I also put all of it together. I think everything "goes together" and I use it all.  I guess I'm referring to the ornaments that I stitch.  I have some silly ones, some primitive ones, some traditional, etc.  I use any type of fabric--I don't limit myself.  I'm probably considered thrifty--or cheap!!  I have bits and pieces of fabric from years ago and I've been using it all up rather than tossing it out!  I will stitch on Aida.  I know that some don't and that's fine.  I also love to stitch on linen--just whatever I have that is the proper size or color for the project!  And I like all of them!

3)  Why do I create what I do?
I really enjoy it!  I guess I'm what you would call a "creative person!"  In college I majored in music and minored in art.  I've always done creative things.  I love to decorate my home--not just for the seasons, but the furniture, paint, flooring, etc.  We went through a large renovation a couple of years ago and that was so much fun.  I am rather decisive, so I don't sit around and worry and fret about choices--I just jump in and do it!  I LOVE cross stitching, and with the ornaments I stitch, there is also the chance to finish them with fabrics, buttons, trims, etc.  It's just another creative step!

4)  How does my creative process work?
I don't think I really have a "process!!"  I just look at something and start!  I do get ideas in my mind. My major problem is finding the time to actually get those ideas done!  You may or may not remember that I am in graduate school, to graduate with my Masters in Music in May!  YAY!  I am truly hoping that when I finish that, my free time will open up and I can stitch and create like crazy!!!!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this little blog hop!  I am passing the "hop" on to two lovely stitchers:

Sally  Stitchyangel

I have gotten to know these two sweet girls from blogging!  They both have lovely blogs (links above) and were so excited to participate in this fun blog hop!  One of the greatest things about blogging is getting to know so many wonderful folks from all over the world!  Look for a post from them on October 20th, but go check them out now!!

Thank you for stopping by and do visit again soon!

PS--I don't know if anyone is a football fan--it's really popular here in the United States in the South.  My husband and son both attended Mississippi State University and we always go to their games.  This weekend, with a huge win over Auburn, they are now Number One!!  This is unbelievable and everyone is thrilled!  (The game was great, even though we sat through a downpour in ponchos.......)


Kaisievic said...

Congrats to your footy team and thanks for sharing some more of yourself with us.

Sally said...

It's so lovely to learn more about our stitching friends through this blog hop. Hope I can do as nice a post as you have.

Jacquie Morris said...

Ooooh love that you have joined in the blog hop :). And your answers are wonderful :)
I looked at your blog and thought oooh I like the colour your stitching that cute owl... Then I looked closer! It's my owl! Ha ha cannot wait to see it finished, and oooh are you putting it on your tree? I love your decorated trees :)
Really enjoyed reading your blog today :)
Smiles :)