Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Time for a new tree!

Well, it's time for a new tree at my house!

I was so glad to FINALLY get all the Christmas stuff put away.  My brother lives 90 miles away and he came up and helped me put it all away.  It was quite a job, but it's done for another year!

I left two small trees out...one for Valentine's Day and one for Mardi Gras.  I have completed the Valentine's tree and it's always one of my favorites.  (I guess I really like them all!!)  Since these two holidays overlap, it requires two trees at the same time!

I used the very skinny frosted tree for Valentine's and it's in the dining room.  I love all these sweet heart-themed ornaments.  I also have some of the cutest bought ornaments to fill in.  And some sweet pink filigree heart lights.  And, finally, I filled in the "holes" with some antique Valentines that my cousin found when cleaning out her mother-in-law's things.  One of them was dated 1934.  I guess that's really not antique, but pretty old!!!!


You know I'll never be able to post now without including a picture of precious Zoe!  She is so sweet, and has been so good when I'm around!  haha  She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow!

She came over for a visit last week, and we couldn't wait to see what Omar might do when he saw her.  Well, he almost ignored her.....it was such a disappointment!  haha  He had a little UTI and the vet had given me some pain medicine for him and he was half zonked anyway!  We must have another visit soon,

Thank you for your visit, and I hope to see you soon!  I will show my Mardi Gras tree next time!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

She's here!!!

Well, we've had all sorts of happenings in the South lately!

First, our weather has been so crazy!  We have actually had sleet and a very few flakes of snow!!!  It was about 18 degrees at one point!  What a shock!  But, it has since melted and we are going to be back in the 70s this week!!!  So strange!!  Ignore the leaves and trash, but this is the sleet on my patio and it stayed there for about 3 or 4 days.  It's almost all melted now, as temperatures are headed toward the 70s!

Also, I won a kit on Facebook!!!  It's from Heart in Hand!  I was looking around on Facebook and just happened upon their page.  They were having a giveaway and I signed in on it.  Well, to my surprise, I got a little post saying I was a winner!  Isn't this cute?  You know I'll make an ornament!  It came complete with thread and linen.  I was so lucky!!  I spy some big fuzzy feet checking out my loot!!

And I saved the best for last!  My new grandbaby was born last week and is so beautiful and perfect!

Zoe and her Nannie!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll visit again soon!