Saturday, April 12, 2014

An old favorite!

What a busy time of year this a church musician, I am in the busiest time, but the most beautiful!  Also, I'm finishing up this school year, working on my masters, and it's almost the end of the year!  YAY!

I was looking around the house and spied this old favorite, a music sampler I made for my mother in law quite a while back.  She's gone now, and this came back to me.  I've always loved it.  I know it's stitched on Aida--or maybe this is called fiddler's cloth?--and I know the colors are probably from "yesterday"!  (And I actually changed to those colors from the chart--you should have seen that!!!!)  Anyway, I love this and have it in my living room near the piano.  I've always used green in my home--I feel it's a neutral, like the leaves in nature.  I think these colors blend with what I have now and I enjoy seeing it when I'm in there!

Psalm Sampler #1 designed by Barbara Stoop

Do you have any old favorites, still hanging around, that make you happy?


rosek1870 said...

Love it! I have a couple that I made for my mom and dad which have returned to my house and they are among my favorites.

diamondc said...

This is lovely what a great gift to have been returned to you.
I love green my sewing room has light very light green carpet with a hint of green on the walls, such a refreshing color where I live especially in winter.

Happy Stitching


KimM said...

Beautiful. I have several pieces my dear mother stitched and they now hang proudly on our walls. A daily reminder of her love and patience.

Shirlee said...

It's a beautiful sampler & you did a lovely job stitching it! So glad it was returned to you : )

Glenna said...

I think it looks quite contemporary, actually! Love it!

Shebafudge said...

Very pretty. I can see why you like it!