Saturday, June 21, 2014


Every so often, I go on a small buying spree and collect up some stash!  I don't really need it, but I enjoy it so much!  I don't see any harm, do you???
I stumbled upon some cute Lizzie Kate things that will be so quick to stitch and I got them. (shhhh--this is only one of about 3 or 4 orders I placed!!!)  HAHAHA!
Anyway, I will enjoy these and I do have one little confession--in my eagerness to purchase, one of this group is a duplicate that I just purchased again today!  duh......         I guess that means that I will have to do a small giveaway for it after my package arrives!   I amaze myself sometimes!!

I do have two tiny things stitched, but I have to put a few beads on one of them and I'd like to do that before I show them to you!
Stay tuned--things haven't been as quiet around here as I thought they would be, but I still think it's all settling down now!
Thank you for stopping by and do come again soon!


Kay said...

I think we have all done the duplicate shopping at some time. happy stitching. x

KimM said...

Yes, Every time I look through my 'stash box', I see something I'd completely forgotten about ;)

diamondc said...

Love your new stash what a haul, I am one who lives for stash just to look at it and say: I need 200 years more on earth to stitch this stuff up.


Carol said...

I think all of us have way more stash than we'll ever be able to stitch, but that is part of the fun. People collect stamps, coins, dolls, etc.--why not cross stitch charts :)


Jacquie Morris said...

Retail therapy especially buying stitching things is wonderful... and yes I dont think think your the only one who duplicates stash! Its because its all so lovely!!
Lizzie Kate designs are great, enjoy when they arrive and I look forward to seeing your finished projects :)
Smiles :)