Friday, August 29, 2014

A New Baby!

No, don't get too excited!!!  I'm 56 years old and I haven't had a baby!!!

You remember that we recently lost our precious cat Violetta, and I have really missed having a kitty here!  SO, I went to the local shelter and found a beautiful two year old calico, ready to go with me!  She is so pretty, but rather timid.  I have been told that her former owners weren't kind to her, which makes me very sad.  However, I brought her home and have spent a great deal of time with her.  She sits by me but doesn't get in my lap much.  She is scared when I pick her up, but I do it several times a day anyway.  She does love to be petted, so I do a lot of that.  She ran from my husband and still does some, but not as much.  We found out that the man was unkind, so it makes sense that she runs sometimes from my husband.  She is attached to me and has come out a lot, and I hope she will continue to do so with much attention and love.

ANYWAY, I fostered her for two weeks and we have decided to keep her!
Since I'm a musician, I wanted her to have a musical name.  She is very sweet, so her name is Dolce.

This is how we found her at the shelter.  She was clipped for the summer, so I'm anxious to see her in a few months when her fur grows out!  She is so pretty and I'm determined to get her to relax even more!  Sweet!

Thanks for stopping by--please come again!   And don't forget my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

PS--I switched out and put patriotic stuff back on the tree for the weekend!  I must be crazy!!!  However, this is one last hurrah before all the fun Fall decorating starts!  I'm ready for that!


Jacquie Morris said...

What a purrrrrrfect decision Dolce is adorable. Such lovely coloring too.
I am sure the more she spends with you and your husband she will soon settle into your loving home.
Oooooh goodness yes your beautiful tree! I love it! Please take some photo's :) Fall is such a lovely season and I cannot wait to see your tree decorated for fall.
Smiles :)

Sally said...

Just dropped by to visit from Jacquie's blog. Awww Dolce is so sweet.

Shirlee said...

Great name! Dolce is adorable!

Karen said...

Congratulations on your newest family member! She's very pretty.

KimM said...

ADORABLE!!!!! Congratulations.

Carol said...

What a beautiful new addition!! I just love her pretty eyes :) Enjoy!

Melody said...

What a beautiful cat! I'm happy she has found a good home with people to love her.

Edgar said...

That's really wonderful!! All of the who hounds are rescues, the Wahumpi was really bad off when he first came to live with us. He had been badly abused, and still has issues with new people. He eventually settled into the hound routine and is just fine.

Hugz to your new kitty!!!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

We adopted a dog that had been abused by the husband in the family. Our vet had my husband sit down on the floor and wait for the dog to come to him. The big tall scary man was suddenly on the same level and that worked super well. Over time he could just walk right up and pet him. He was always closer to me but they developed a good relationship that way. Maybe it will help you too.

Andrea said...

How could anyone be unkind to such a sweet faced cat. Dolce is so lucky to of found a good home with you and your DH. I'm sure in time she will soften towards your DH.

Anonymous said...


Just popping in from Jacquie's blog.
What a gorgeous cat and a perfect name for her. I have a calico too but she is predominately white.
Your stitching is beautiful too.
Can't work out how to follow you but I'm going to add your lovely blog to my blog list (:

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

What a sweet kitty! We have two adopted kitties from the Humane Society and we love them!