Saturday, June 21, 2014


Every so often, I go on a small buying spree and collect up some stash!  I don't really need it, but I enjoy it so much!  I don't see any harm, do you???
I stumbled upon some cute Lizzie Kate things that will be so quick to stitch and I got them. (shhhh--this is only one of about 3 or 4 orders I placed!!!)  HAHAHA!
Anyway, I will enjoy these and I do have one little confession--in my eagerness to purchase, one of this group is a duplicate that I just purchased again today!  duh......         I guess that means that I will have to do a small giveaway for it after my package arrives!   I amaze myself sometimes!!

I do have two tiny things stitched, but I have to put a few beads on one of them and I'd like to do that before I show them to you!
Stay tuned--things haven't been as quiet around here as I thought they would be, but I still think it's all settling down now!
Thank you for stopping by and do come again soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My sweet kitty!

I didn't really post anything while I was gone to Boston!  I DID stitch two small Christmas pieces that I will try to make into ornaments very soon!

My life has been very hectic the past few weeks because my sweet, sweet kitty was very sick!  I just didn't want to talk about it, but it seems that she is doing GREAT now and I think it's safe to say she will be ok!

This is Violetta--my petite little black rescue cat.  She is the sweetest and most loving cat I've ever had. She constantly sits in my lap and holds my arm and nuzzles!  My husband laughs and knows that she is really attached to me! (and I'm really attached to her!)

She got very sick and quit eating, quite literally, and almost starved to death.  It was so unpleasant, but my vet is wonderful and we got her on a drip and eating again!  She doesn't appear to have any permanent damage, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  She lost too much weight, but is enjoying eating her new food now and the weight is coming back.  The photo shows her modeling her cone, which I don't think she was too fond of! But it was because of her drip, and the cones are soft now and better than the hard ones.
She is home now and doing really well!  I boarded her at the vet while we were gone--that was the only way I could leave her and they took wonderful care of her!  She likes them and doesn't seem to mind going there.  We have one more trip that's been planned for months, and she'll be visiting with them again!  Then we'll be home for a good while!

Thank you for listening to my cat story.  I'll have some stitching to show soon.  Please come back and visit again!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm a WINNER!!

You may remember from my last post that I've been on vacation in Boston, MA.  It was a lovely trip and I saw many interesting things and ate (too much) great food!
When I got home, all the mail was there waiting--tons to go through, even though part of it is always junk!! ANYWAY, my giveaway prize was there and I tore into it very quickly!  I cannot believe all the wonderful things that came my way!  THANK YOU SO MUCH to Jacquie Morris!!!!  You have really outdone yourself!  This is a fabulous prize and I appreciate it so much!  This will keep me entertained for DAYS!!!!
Please pardon my terrible photos--I couldn't get the light right!!!

Look at this precious Bee Happy pillow, and the small one!  I love them--the small one will be on one of my trees, and the larger one is already on my love seat!  I LOVE them!                

Jacquie wrote me the sweetest card, and I propped it on the pillow so you could see the adorable honeycomb/bee fabric that she used for backing!!  It is just too cute!!!

Jacquie also sent a darling bird ornament which is on my tree right now!

There's even more!!!!  She included these wonderful magazines and I'm enjoying looking through them--they contain some lovely patterns!  Also, Jacquie is mentioned in one of the magazines--she's a celebrity!!  How fun is that????  And, she even sent other charts!!                       

And yes, there's still more!!!!  Chocolates~yummy!  I know those won't last long around here!!!  A sweet stick of candy from her local area, a measuring tape, printed "sticky notes", which are always fun to use, a little bag of trims, printed buttons, little rosebuds, stitching labels--so wonderful!  She even included a peach towel to stitch on, facial scrub (I need) and threads in my very favorite color--green!
This is just fabulous and I am so honored to have received this lovely giveaway prize!  I truly am the last person to win anything, ever, so this is even more special!

THANK YOU AGAIN, Jacquie!  This is too lovely and I feel really special and spoiled!!!  You are the greatest!
Visit Jacquie's blog--it's a fun one!  My Journey--it's listed on the right side>>>>>

Thank you for visiting and come back soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A small finish!

You may remember that I recently made two ornaments from some vintage cross-stitched flowers my cousin made years ago.  Well, she gave me a third and final one--some violets. I quickly fashioned a sweet little ornament for spring/summer.  I was a bit rushed but I think it turned out ok--the ribbon and buttons match well.  I think this is the last one she has for me--too bad for there aren't any more!!!! HA

I've been in quite a hurry today because we are leaving bright and early in the morning for a week in Boston! I'm looking forward to going and relaxing!  The weather will be cooler than it is here in Mississippi!  I have looked online for cross stitch stores--I'm not having much luck.  I found a number of yarn stores and knitting places--not much on cross stitch.  Oh well, there are many things to do there, so I'm sure the trip will be fun!
Thanks for visiting and come back soon!