Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A hodgepodge of everything!

Hello fellow bloggers!!!
This is a little bit late, and a jumbled up post, but I'm glad to be sharing it with you!

I visited one of my favorite little local shops, "P is for Primitive", located on the Square in Canton, MS.  Lisanne has a few antiques in the front of the shop, but the back is primarily for rug hooking supplies.  She has gorgeous wools, but there's not much there for me, other than DMC threads!  In the front, she also carries sweet little ornaments and seasonal decorations.  I went back to get the precious watering cans I talked about in a previous post.  They are so cute and are perfect on my Spring tree!  Don't you just love the sweet little bead "water drops" that come from the spout??  And I couldn't leave without that darling primitive Spring bunny, which now graces the top of my tree!

Since I last posted, I've been to Memphis again!  I found several fun things to purchase, and I just hope I'll get them stitched one day!  I love those tart pan stitches from Plum Street Samplers, so I had to buy both of those, plus the pans!  I also got some pretty red, white, and blue floss, because I'm itching to stitch some patriotic stuff!

I also attend my annual state music club meeting and this year is was in Columbus, MS.  It was a fun time, with wonderful music and great food!  I stayed in a B&B, which I haven't done before!  It was a fun time and I loved my gorgeous room in this antebellum home, the Cartney-Hunt House.  Isn't it beautiful?

I have turned in my last exam and picked up my cap and gown for Friday night!  YAY!
Yes, I will have my Masters on Friday night!  Hahaha!  You're all invited!

When I got home from my lovely trip to Columbus, there was an exciting-looking package waiting for me!  I looked at it and ripped it open, all at the same time!!!  Inside, I found something nicely wrapped in tissue, and a beautiful envelope!    Inside the envelope was a beautiful handmade card from Annette (California Stitcher).  Isn't it gorgeous???  I cannot believe that she took the time to make that beautiful card for a "56 year-old graduate"!!!!  


Well, then I had to rip open the larger package, and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!  Annette made a fabulous music-themed project bag, just for me!!!  I absolutely love it!  I am so thrilled and humbled by her kindness!  Oh my goodness!!!  The fabric is so beautiful and she has a piano charm on the zipper and eighth notes charm where she put my initial!!!  I just love it!   If that wasn't enough, I unzipped it to look at the lining (which is the beautiful music fabric) and there was more inside!!! She made a sweet matching needle book and I just love it, too!  It has a little music charm inside!  Then, to top it all off, she included the wonderful Mardi Gras mask chart she had ordered from New Orleans!!!!  I am ecstatic!!

I am so touched~thank you, Annette!!!  You are so lovely and a precious friend!  Thank you again so much!!!

I will post photos from graduation after Friday night.  I had portraits done today!  Hahaha! I also had my photo made with my piano teacher, and I am pleased to have that!  It took 3 years, but the time has really flown by and it's been such a joy!

Thank you for stopping by, and please come back again soon!


Annette-California said...

Daring new spring ornaments & love those tart pans with your new pretty charts. I hadn't seen those.
So glad you were surprised & like the gifts I made you.
Congratulations again on your graduation and for this Friday night. YOU DID IT!!! Woohoo!!!
Have a grand time Frances, you earned it. love Annette

Angela Tucker said...

Congratulations on your graduation! I went to a finishing retreat last weekend and picked up the very same patterns! LOL No pans though. I learned how to paint and wax boxes, so I'll be trying out my new skills. And that room looks perfect. I've always wanted to stay in a B&B. Maybe one day...Again, enjoy Friday, you worked very hard for it!

Beth said...

Congratulations on your Masters! You and I are the same age so I very much appreciate all the hard work to earn your degree. Annette gifted you if some wonderfully personal treats. Enjoy the award ceremony it is well deserved.

Justine said...

Congratulations on your graduation! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. What a wonderful achievement.
Annette has gifted you with some super things to help celebrate.

Vickie said...

Annette is such a good, sweet friend. What perfect gifts(and timing) for you.
Congratulations Frances!

Robin said...

Best wishes and congratulations on earning your Masters! Way to go! What wonderful items you picked up for your tree and greats gifts to receive!

Robin in Virginia

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment! And what a sweet gift from a generous friend. :) blessings, marlene

KimM said...

Congratulations - again - and what a lovely tree - and sweet gifts from Annette.

Carol said...

We'll be cheering for you on Friday, Frances--congratulations!

Love what Annette sent--how perfect for you :)

Shelly said...

Congrats on the Masters, that's great! Love the watering can ornaments and the bunny. Great stash. Yes, the room is gorgeous. Any ghosts? Lol. Whatever you do, kick up your heels and celebrate! Getting a degree like that at any age is reason to celebrate!

Andrea said...

I expect you will be starting to get ready just about now. Wishing you a wonderful evening!

Beautiful gifts, stash, bits and bobs. Love the watering cans.

Karen said...

Congratulations on getting your Masters!

Alyssa F said...

I live just outside Canton and I know my mom would love that store. I shall have to track it down. Having just moved from California not too long ago, I still don't know where things are much in this area!

Congrats on your degree! Lots of hard work has paid off I'm sure.

Alyssa F said...

I live just outside Canton and I know my mom would love that store. I shall have to track it down. Having just moved from California not too long ago, I still don't know where things are much in this area!

Congrats on your degree! Lots of hard work has paid off I'm sure.

Anna van Schurman said...

Congratulations! What an achievement. :)