Monday, July 27, 2015


Well, I took a quick stroll to Hobby Lobby because I was in that part of town.  I love to look and they have great aisles of Christmas ornaments, when it's time for them!

It was SO HOT today!  Look at the temperature on my car!!!

I was walking along, seeing the sights and glanced over the leftover Fourth of July stuff.  It was extremely marked down, but there wasn't anything left that I needed!

On the next few aisles were the Fall items.  It'll soon be time to think about that!!

Then I came upon all of this!

Christmas comes sooner and sooner around here!  They had several aisles full and were about to start more.  I guess I sound like an old woman, but it's strange to go in there and find Fall and Christmas and also Patriotic, right together!  And, a little farther back was all the Summer items....on sale!  Too much!!  Of course, if you want bargains, now's the time to get them!!

Then, over in the needlework area, I saw these precious little animals that you can cross stitch on!  I haven't seen these before--maybe you have.  Aren't they cute???

My dear friend Janie is coming for a visit next week!  I'm so excited to see her!  We will have a finishing day and I will have LOTS to show you!  We get together and really crank out the ornaments or whatever!  I have stitched several things and have taken some old things out of frames to make new creations with!  Can't wait to get it all done!  I always feel like I've accomplished so much when I have a finishing day and admire my treasures!

Must run for now!  I hope you are all staying as cool as possible--it's really oppressive here!

Thank you for stopping by and please come back soon!


Beth said...

Everything all jumbled together - it seems like we used to be more methodical with holidays and seasons!

Kay said...

I can't believe the Christmas items are on sale so early, it really is crazy. Enjoy your weather, we have cold and rain here in England. x

butterfly said...

I don't know why they don't leave the christmas things out all year ! because if they keep putting them out a month early every year it will happen ha.
Have a nice time with your friend .

Jacquie Morris said...

What a HOT day I deed!
I just love seeing the shops you have over there.... Autumn things look so pretty. Then you went down another Isle and OMG!! Christmas things!! Goodness!! I bet that felt rather odd for you whilst experiencing the high temperatures your experiencing??! Christmas things?? Really?? We need to get Halloween out the way first! Lol
Hope you had a lovely time with your friend.
Smiles :)

Vickie said...

I just went to Hobby Lobby myself. I spied all the Christmas stuff out and refused to go to that part of the store! HA! I KNOW it is way too early for it. Did not see those cute,little animals for cross stitching at our Hobby Lobby.

marly said...

My local Pat Catan's has been orange and brown for a month! I'm sure Christmas is out by now too. Pretty soon, Black Friday will be on Labor Day.

Robin said...

Hmmm, I think they keep pushing Christmas earlier and earlier. Heck, they even had the back to school displays out this year by the 4th of July. Looking forward to seeing your finished finishes following your finishing day.

Stay cool and keep hydrated.

Robin in Virginia

StitchinByTheLake said...

Cute little animals! Did you pick one up? :) blessings, marlene

Annette-California said...

I was in HL last week and was surprised seeing Fall/Christmas. But I do recall that last year before Thanksgiving our HLobby was just about sold out of Xmas decore, crazy!!! Have a fun day of finishing & visiting:) Our day is to be 101 & hotter tomorrow. Great time for lemonade! love Annette

Angela Tucker said...

I used to be able to tell the seasons by the I have to pay attention to the calendar! LOL I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friend.

We are at 98 today...I'm tired, hot, and grumpy. Sigh...

diamondc said...

Frances: I have never seen the animals before they would be great baby gifts.
Ouch 100 degrees, I do like the low 90's but 100 is just to hot.
I am amazed at the stores getting things out earlier and earlier, it is a shame, Christmas is no longer a Holy Season, just a spend your money and get out season.
I do hope you and your friend have a beautiful time stitching.


Kaisievic said...

That is so early for Christmas to hit the shops! Amazing! Well, you are so hot today but I am freezing! lol!

Pamela said...

I LOVE Hobby Lobby!