Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Dear Blogging Friends:
I have not run away!  I have not been abducted by aliens!  I'm not in hiding!

I've simply been quite busy!

I know all of you are busy, too!  It's just that time of year, and starting a new job as a church organist/choir director on the First Sunday of Advent was rather daunting! However, it all came off without a hitch and our Christmas services were lovely!

Speaking of my new job, you may remember that I am now the Cathedral Organist!  It's been very exciting, and sometimes a little scary!  But all has gone well.  Everyone has been so nice and I think it is going to be a lovely experience.  Below are some pictures of my lovely workplace, all decked out for Christmas!

It is so beautiful!

The ceiling is gilded and stenciled.

 I love the poinsettia trees they use on the back altar!  
The plants are stacked on forms.

The two side altars are beautiful.  One has the antique nativity set.

This is the organ I play, and the choir loft in the back.

The music went beautifully!  I had a little girls' ensemble, a flutist, a brass quintet, and an operatic soprano solo!  Truly lovely!

My blog isn't the only thing that suffered during the holidays!  I did get decorating done at home, but not on the usual level!  I just ran out of time to get my 5 trees up this year!  Oh well, the two that matter most DID get done!

This is our family tree where we open gifts.  You can see that they've all been opened!  


We missed my mother this year, but we still managed to have a happy holiday and enjoy each other. The black leather baby shoe was hers.  It has been on my tree for years! The little frilly shoe was mine!  I'm told it was white but now yellowed!


My son and his wife gave me two lovely white cat ornaments, in honor of Omar!  I love them!


I'm very sentimental, I guess!  The little mermaid ornament is actually a fishing float that was in my father's tackle box!  We used to laugh at it as children, because she doesn't have on a top!!!!  The sweet ceramic Santa was made by my father not long before he died.  My mother loved ceramics and he would go with her, to talk to the husband of the ceramic lady!  He painted this for me and I treasure it.

This is my cross stitch tree in our foyer.  I love the angle where you can see both trees at the same time!

I love all my wonderful cross stitched ornaments!  I enjoy stitching and finishing!  I have a few left to finish for next year!  Isn't that always the case??  The beautiful Glad Tidings ornaments was a gift from Andrea last year--I love it!


Look closely at the beautiful heart ornaments!  These were a gift from our wonderful Jacquie!  I cannot believe she sent me these beautiful creations!  I was so touched when I went to the mailbox and found a package from England!  And if that's not enough, look at the precious little round felt applique holly ornament!  She sent that, as well!   Thank you so much, sweet Jacquie!  You really made my day and I admire these and think of you each time I look at the tree!

Well, friends, things will slow down dramatically now that Christmas is over!  I will not have to be at the church constantly, and I can get my world back!  In the middle of all of this, the designer has been coming and working on the house.  It's coming together beautifully, and I will show photos of that when it's done.  We finally got gas logs in our fireplace and they are beautiful.  But, it's been close to 80 degrees here, so we haven't enjoyed them yet!!!  We've had rain and hail and hot weather!

I have done some stitching, and intend to show that very soon.  

Speaking of Omar, isn't this too cute?  My husband had been somewhere and took a little zipper bag with him.  Of course, he came home and deposited it on the floor!!!  Well, Mr. Omar decided to check it out!!

I appreciate all of you, and in spite of my lack of activity on my blog, I have tried to keep up with yours and enjoy what all you have been doing!  You all provide sanity in a crazy world and you are most appreciated!  If you are still reading this long post, thank you for sticking with it and know that you are a wonderful part of so many lives online!  

Happy 2016 to everyone and I am looking forward to a new year!

Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon!


Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Frances! Wow, have you been busy, busy, BUSY! Your "work place" is absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing place to go to work. I work at a prison, not quite the same effect. LOL

Your Christmas trees are so incredibly special. It must be like a time machine, taking you back to those moments that were so very happy. I love when an ornament has a story to go with it.

Happy 2016 to you, too!

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Frances your blog today is beautiful, love the church thanks for showing us it gorgeous, I love your trees so beautiful. Mr. Omar knows a good spot to relax in. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Big hugs Lynda Ruth

Jacquie Morris said...

Loving where you work... I bet the sound is simply amazing, an awesome place to work!
Oh I always love your trees, your family tree is beautiful and of course I love all your stitching ornaments :) I am so so pleased you liked the ones I sent you :)
Wishing you a very merry Christmas and new year :)
Big smiles :)

Vickie said...

Beautiful Cathedral! Beautiful home! Such wonderful memories in our Christmas trees. Happy New Year!

Justine said...

What a beautiful place to work! Your trees are gorgeous. Precious memories on your family tree - I love the story of the mermaid with no top!

KimM said...

What an absolutely GORGEOUS church! I love the old architecture - it makes the church seem more reverent, in a way. Lovely post - and Omar - I think he needs his own bag ;0)
Happy Christmas

Andrea said...

Your church looks a most serene place. Beautiful. The trees look wonderful bedecked with ornaments. Hope you had a great Christmas. Omar looks quite at home!

Happy 2016.

Beth said...

What a lovely workplace Frances! I would be belting out Bach organ pieces there if I could play the organ! I love all the heirloom ornaments - the mermaid and the shoes. Always enjoy your cross stitch tree.