Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another Finish!

Dear Blogging Friends,

I have another finish to show.

However, I must comment about my blog situation.....I am on Google+ because that's how it was when I started this blog, apparently.  I become no-reply blogger every so often.  It looks like the setup of Google+ has changed slightly once again.  I have been no-reply recently.  I messed around with this last night until midnight!!  I think I might have it fixed, but I certainly cannot guarantee it!! HA  And to make it worse, now instead of showing my number of comments, it shows a larger number, saying that some are spam and don't show!  I do not know how that happened!  I would love for it to go back as showing the actual number of comments, and not some "doubled number" that includes spam.  I don't get it!  Anyway, please look and see if I might still be no-reply on your blog!!!  grrrrr
And if you have any solutions, I'm all ears!!

My cousin was cleaning out (she's been doing this for months--she's slow!!!) and had this little piece she stitched in the late 70s or early 80s.  She won't throw anything away, so she asked me if I wanted it.  I told her I would take it and make an ornament, if she didn't object to my cutting it up!  This is how it looked out of the frame.  Ok, but not so much!  ha

She did not care if I cut it up, so I measured it and tried to make it into an ornament that wouldn't be huge.  I really like the way it turned out.  I am very pleased with it!

I also just realized that I had not shown you my sweet Mother's Day gift from Zoe.  It is a precious Yankee Candle with her famous sunglasses photo on it, and they named it "Made in the Shade"!!!!  I just love it and I've enjoyed it so much.  I like to keep a candle burning all the time.  I love beautiful smells.  How cute is this??

Finally, here's a quick snap of Zoe!  She goes to day care at the Methodist Church nearby.  I had to play for a funeral there yesterday, and I was able to pop in and say hello to her!  She was sitting up.  She hasn't figured out how to do it on her own, but she enjoys it if you help her sit up!  (No, she isn't balancing a block on her head--that's just my great photography skills!!)

Thanks for stopping by!  I have other finishes to show, so check back!



Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Frances. That finish looks wonderful!! You're right, it looks like it was meant to be an ornament. LOL

Zoe looks great. We should all have a pair of those sunglasses, they would definitely brighten our day. LOL

Have a wonderful week!

marly said...

Hey! I can comment! Eureka! I love what you did with the rose stitchery. Zoe is precious, with or without shades!

Annette-California said...

Good morning! Your ornament look beautiful. I'm sure your cousin will be pleased. Sorry no help here regarding blogger & that no reply issue. Love those Yankee candles and what a sweet gift from lovely Zoe! love Annette

butterfly said...

Love the rose ornament you made.
I wish they would not mess with the PC all the time and keep things the same but no they always want to mess !
Have a lovely week.

Astrids dragon said...

The ornament turned out great! Did your cousin see it and like it?
Your candle is sweet and Zoe is adorable!

Justine said...

Ah what a cutie Zoe is! That was a great idea to use her photo on the candle.
I love what you did with your cousin's stitching, it's got a new lease of life!

Anna van Schurman said...

Lovely ornament. And I love Zoe's look, "What are you doing here? I know you but from someplace else. You don't belong here."