Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hello There!

Dear Blogging Friends:

I have looked back and am a little bit surprised at how long it's been since I blogged!!  I have had a ton of activity at my house, and I just haven't sat down and worked on my blog.  But I'll try to tell you what all has been going on!!!

I'll talk cross stitch first!

I did get my Patriotic Tree fixed, and I'll show it now!

I always love my Patriotic Tree!  It gives you a "happy feeling" every time you see it!

During my "absent time" my dear friend Janie came for a visit and we had a wonderful day of finishing!  I got several things done, and I'll show some now, and save some for a future post!!!!
(That way I will have some news to share!)

I did get one little flag ornament done for this tree!   I have several others for different trees, and I'll be showing those soon!

I thought this turned out pretty cute for a Spring/Summer look.  I bought this little framed, discontinued store model in Memphis a couple of years ago.  It's on perforated paper.  I like the cute little ceramic buttons and the beading.  I took it out of the little solid green frame and attached the paper to a little pillow ornament.  It's not my very favorite, but still cute!

I have been traveling a great deal with my post as National Vice President of my music organization.  Since my last post, I have traveled to Alabama, South Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, and Dayton Ohio. This week I will be in Minneapolis and I'm looking forward to that!  I enjoy the meetings so much.  I usually give a speech and I really enjoy the wonderful concerts that always take place.  So much fun!!!  Here is a photo of me speaking at the national banquet.  Now that I'm pretty much finished with traveling for this year, I need to watch my eating, so there will be less of me to love!! hahaha  Such a hard thing to do!

I think Omar is rather displeased when I travel and leave him at home.  My son comes by to check on him once a day when I'm gone.  When I came back from the last trip, he ran and sat on my carry-on and just stared at me!   I think this is so funny!  (Don't you love my leopard luggage??)

I also got my ears pierced since my last post!  I had never had them done and I felt really silly going in the store to check on it.  I first went to a little accessory store, and it was full of children running around and making great noise!  I didn't feel comfortable there at all!  So I walked next door to a cosmetic store that also pierces.  It was so calm--no one in the store--soft music--so nice!  So, I got them done and I have enjoyed earring shopping.  I was told to only get gold for the first few months, so I have several pretty ones.  One of them is bothering me at the moment.  I hope I don't have to go to the doctor for an earring issue!  

Since I last posted, the one year anniversary of my husband's passing has come and gone.  I cannot believe that much time has passed.  It has been a hard year, but I almost feel like a survivor and a victor for making it through.  I have handled many things that I never thought I would face and it has not always been easy.  I have a new respect for those of you who have always been alone or have been alone for a long time.  The world is not always kind to single women, but I have learned to forge on and most attempts have been successful.  Oh well. This is a photo of him, several years ago.  He had beautiful eyes!

I am wondering if I'm a no-reply blogger again!  My account is Google+ and it has been a problem since day one!  If you will check and let me know, that would be great!  I have checked.  It looks like it's ok, but I'm not so sure about that!!!  grrrrrr

My precious little granddaughter is now 6 months old.  They went to the beach at Gulf Shores AL and I think Zoe really enjoyed it!  Here are two cute with her other pair of sunglasses and another with her swimsuit and sun hat!  I think her little legs are so cute!! haha


Thank you for stopping by and reading this post!  I hope to post again soon!  (Yes, I'm aware I say that often and it doesn't always happen!!)  But I do want to show you the other finishes I have, so I know that I have those photos to show.  Come back and check soon!

I have been skimming over your blogs while I've been away from posting.  I see that many of you have issues, problems, sadness, etc.  I am sorry to read this and I hope you know that I feel for you and I can certainly empathize.  Please know that and hang in there!



Justine said...

What a busy happy post! Lovely photos of you and Zoe, and your very handsome husband. I'm sure he would be proud of how you have over one so many challenges this year.
Lovely to see a post from you, and another seasonal tree. Your 4th July tree is one of my favourites.

Vickie said...

Hello Frances! I like your 4th of July tree very much! I am glad you are enjoying your time as National Vice President of my music organization.

Pamela said...

Love your tree and Zoe is adorable!

Shelly said...

Happy to see a post from you! The patriotic tree is wonderful and it sounds like you've been busy. I quit wearing earrings back when I was 16 after my ear lobe turned into a cherry tomato! Infected and it turns out I'm allergic to certain kinds of metals. Smart of the piercing lady to suggest gold because that is what I was told after the fact! The granddaughter is a cutie!

Karen said...

So wonderful to read what you've been up to. Yes, stick with gold for the first months. I can only wear yellow gold; white gold causes my earlobes to become red and itchy. Your patriotic tree is lovely.

Angela Tucker said...

Your trees are always so special. SMILE You have a wonderful eye for color.

I had my ears pierced in high school and then had a second hole put in each ear in my late 20s. I love to change my earrings every day...sparklies makes me happy!

We never realize how strong we are until we have no choice. You are a survivor. Be proud of all that you have accomplished. You chose to live and grow. That is always a good thing.

Beth said...

What a year you have had Frances. You have forged ahead and done so many amazing things including traveling alone and public speaking - both scary things! I expect it still seems very odd to have important things like the birth of your grand-daughter happen and not have your husband there with you. My aunt was widowed a couple of years ago, and now she is older than her husband was when he died - and that has struck a somber note for her. I think there are happy times and sad times and that is just the way life is from now on. I admire you for meeting all of the challenges of living alone and running your life without a helpmate - it is not always easy (I am single), but on the other hand if you want to eat a bag of Cheetos for dinner at 10pm while watching TV there is no one to stop you! Great patriotic tree and finishes too. Look forward to you posting again soon.

Carol said...

I'm so pleased to see this post from you, Frances, and know that your first year without your husband has passed with you feeling strong and proud. You should be--I'm sure it hasn't been easy, but you continue to pursue your interests and hobbies and that certainly must have helped.

Love your little finishes and wonderful tree--and good for you for taking the plunge and getting your ears pierced. I had to be tricked into going into a jewelry store in college by a good friend, otherwise I would have been too scared :)

Andrea said...

Frances, it is so good to see a comment from you. Your patriotic tree looks wonderful, your trees always do.:) It is a lovely photo of you, a picture of happiness. I'm not quite sure how a year has gone by since your husbands passing. I'm sure he is looking down on you with love, admiration and pride. Your grand-daughter is sure a cutie.

koi seo said...

I like your 4th of July tree very much! I am glad you are enjoying your time as National Vice President of my music organization.