Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Valentines Day is on the way!

Dear Blogging Friends:

We are almost finished with January....time certainly does fly!

I put up my Valentines Tree, and have almost finished my Mardi Gras Tree, too!  I just need to add the beads!

Since these always fall close together, I have them both up at the same time!  The Valentines Tree is the super skinny one I put in the Dining Room.  I love these ornaments, and enjoy seeing them each year.  This tree always seems happy and fun to me, and I love the colors.  I've always read that children really love Valentines Day--they love to trade the cards at school and there's usually a party with cupcakes and some kind of red drink!!!  Valentines was my husband's birthday, but it doesn't really make me sad about that.  I just hate that he's not here, getting old while I do!  I guess we'll always think of him as young.

I also love my little monkeys that are so cute!!!  I have three of them and they make me smile.  In addition to my stitched ornaments, I have several bought ones that are fun and sparkly, as well as some vintage Valentines from my cousin's mother-in-law!  Aren't these fun??  I love the one with the little faded honeycomb part, by the pink monkey!  So sweet!  The lady would be in her upper 90s now, so the Valentines are probably more than 80 years old.  I love these sweet ornaments--need to make a few more!  The little "Bee my Valentine" was a discontinued store model that I bought in Memphis.  It had blue fabric around it, which I didn't think looked like a Valentine, so I removed the blue added the pink fabric and ribbon so it would look more like Valentines!

We've had snow twice this winter...unheard of here in Mississippi!!!  I've been feeding my birds and they are starting to look REALLY round and happy!!  I sometimes fill one feeder 3 times during a day.  Possibly I'm being a little overprotective, but they almost look like they're smiling when I refill!  The bright green "finch sock" was on sale, so I got it to try it, and they caught on immediately!  Sometimes there will be 5 or 6 goldfinches hanging on it, just eating away!


The egrets are everywhere!  This is the creek beside my house and I just love seeing them all sitting around and taking it easy!  There's one funny bird perched on the railing in this photo!  I guess he wanted a better view of it all!

Sweet Zoe had her First Birthday this month!  She was so precious and funny!  She played with the gift bags and ribbons more than the toys, but that's to be expected!  She was dressed in her mother's little Chinese silk outfit, but Zoe was too big for it and the top wouldn't button, so they left it open with a shirt under it!  How creative!  And she was playing with this big clump of ribbon, so I put it on her head!  She didn't leave it on long, but it was so cute!

The other night, I couldn't find Omar, but I knew he was hiding somewhere.  I went all around the house, looking, and came upon this sight!  This little doll bed was made by my grandfather for my mother when she was 5.  It was originally painted "apple green".  That's how my mother described it.  Anyway, it's stained into the wood and this is the best it will strip.  It's rickety and not safe, except for toys.  I use it every year at Christmas to hold the gifts I have for my choir, and I distribute them at the party.  Well, now you know that I haven't put the little bed away yet!!  haha--soon!  Omar was in there resting, and totally ignoring me while I walked around and called for him!  Silly cat!

Well, I guess that's about all for now!  Thanks for stopping by and please come again!
I'll show you the Mardi Gras tree soon--just gotta get those beads on it!



Kay said...

I always enjoy seeing your special trees, it is lovely to be able to celebrate throughout the year. x

marly said...

A pink monkey! Vickie will spot that right away! How elegant your dining room décor looks and it's always a delight to see your tree.

Once the birds know where the food is, I think they call in all relatives. You've got a nice group of finches.

Zoe. Just too cute!

Shelly said...

Love your Valentines tree! Can't wait to see the Mardi Gras tree. Those are some happy birds and those egrets, so many of them! Zoe is a cutie!

Beth said...

Zoe is such a dear! I am sure she brightens your life as does Omar. Frances, the photo of the ground feeders, there are lots of red-winged blackbirds in that photo, did you notice? I always enjoy seeing your holiday trees. I hope Feb 14th has lots and lots of happy memories for you and your family.

Vickie said...

Oh your Valentine tree is wonderful! Love the birds!! Zoe is so darling.

Carol said...

Happy 1st birthday to Miss Zoe! What a smile--she looks like a delightful little granddaughter, Frances :)

Love your tree and Omar is looking quite at home in the doll bed. I'll bet he is great company to you.

Sorry about the snow--we have had a dreadfully cold winter up north and I am beyond ready for sprint to come!

Andrea said...

Your trees get better and better. Can't believe Zoe is one already. She's certainly a character.

Marilyn said...

What a beautiful Valentines tree.
Zoey is too cute in her outfit.
Happy 1st B-Day Zoey!!
I think you need to let Omar have the bed. ;)

Karen said...

Love your Valentine tree. Its so happy with all the pink and red decorations. Omar looks very comfy in that doll bed.

Pudding et Biscotte said...

Beautiful blog and I love the idea of the trees on different occasions and not just for the Christmas season.