Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family addition

I mentioned in my previous post that I would be adding a couple of photos from family veterans to my Patriotic tree.  I fixed those photos last night--I just scanned some old photographs, put them in little square frames, and tied a bow of red, white & blue!  The top ornament is my father, and the other 2 are his brothers.  The middle picture is my uncle who was a WWII fighter pilot and killed in action. How sad--he made the supreme sacrifice.  None of these are living now, but I know they would be so proud to be included.

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KimM said...

This is wonderful and thoughtful.

Jacquie Morris said...

Goodness what a lovely tribute to loved ones and family.. its a really wonderful thing to see. Thank you so much for sharing this :)
Smiles :)

diamondc said...

What a lovely tribute to your family, a tree with pictures is a great idea I may need to steal this idea from you.

Thank-you to all who serve.