Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two more for Spring!

My cousin has been cleaning out and rearranging.  She has given me some pretty family items and other fun things.  She gave me two little framed flower cross stitch pictures that have hung on her wall for probably more than 30 years!  They were rather "dated" in small gold rectangle frames and were stitched on Aida that has discolored through the years. She told me to take them and make some ornaments, which I did!  I think they turned out really cute!  I used an upholstery cut sample at the bottom of the red one, with taupe trim and buttons.  It is backed in a red on red paisley cotton.  The yellow flowers have an African-type print with a bee button and little yellow flowers attaching the hanger.  It is backed in another African animal print.

Don't forget about my Giveaway!!!!  The deadline is May 25 and that is fast approaching!  Look back on posts from May 8 or May 11 for details.  Thanks to all those who have signed up and if you haven't yet, I hope to see YOUR name there, too!

Happy Stitching and Come Back Soon!


KimM said...

These are so cute. Well done ;)

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Hi Frances, nice of you to stop by my blog, Purple Pixie Dust, the little critter is a groundhog that lives in our country of Canada. Thanks for the nice comments. I do love how you made something new from something old. lovely work. I will have to stop in a see about your giveaway. hugs Lynda

Andrea said...

Beautiful ornaments wonderfully recycled.

Jacquie Morris said...

Oh these are wonderful... I really love what you have done with them.
Smiles :)

Shirlee said...

Very pretty!

Kaisievic said...

How wonderful that you have been able to give these a new life - you clever girl, you.