Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Tree!

Hello fellow bloggers!  It's time to show my Thanksgiving tree!  I have so much fun making these trees and I always enjoy this one because my relatives come for our family Thanksgiving meal and they seem to like looking at it and seeing what's new!

I have several cute "bought" ornaments and I fill in spaces with silk fall leaves.  I left the candy corn lights on there (from Halloween) and they shine along with the tree's clear lights.  I also have several wooden ornaments that have vintage holiday postcard images on them.

Look at these precious & funny turkeys and fat Pilgrims I got at Pier One!  Too, too cute!

I also love this beautiful mercury glass turkey I found this year at Hobby Lobby!  He's very majestic!

This sweet squirrel is from Prairie Schooler's Christmas Miniatures #29.  I added fabric strips and a purchased button edging. It hangs beside the cute pumpkin from Cyberstitchers by Judi Utter.

This was a freebie bookmark many years ago from Prairie Schooler.  I just stuffed it and hung it on the tree!  The sweet squirrel is from a blog called but I cannot find the squirrel chart anywhere online!!!

This cornucopia is from Prairie Schooler--A Prairie Year II.  I attached the ribbon with cute little leaf buttons. This sweet bok bok turkey is a freebie from Plum Street Samplers.  I added a bead edge to it.

The bowl of fruit on the left is cut from a tablecloth my mother embroidered in the 1940s.  It was too small for any table and was rather worn looking--I just made an ornament from the corner design. Apparently, I really liked that little Prairie Schooler squirrel because I've stitched it twice!  I mounted it on the little yellow fabric with buttons.  Give Thanks is a freebie from The Stitcherhood.

This is the little squirrel that I made for my father years ago and I recently made an ornament from it. The little Happy Harvest is from Pine Mountain Designs.

This sweet freebie, At Plimoth, is a freebie from The Sampler Girl, but I can't find it anywhere online now.  I changed the colors and added the green trim along the bottom.

Well, that's what's on the tree right now.  It's a lot of fun to do and I can hardly wait to put the Christmas things on there next!

Thanks for stopping by--please come back soon!


Daniela Bencúrová said...

Very, very nice tree !!!
I did not know that even the trees are doing Thanksgiving:-)

AnaCristina said...

I love!!!

Jacquie Morris said...

Such a delight to see, I love it!!
Its so pretty and colourful, in fact its PERFECT!
Oh I have looked at all your photo's real close, they are lovely, its all lovely. Pretty autumn colours and oooh glitter too :)
Big smiles :)

xs88fan said...

I love your tree! All of your ornaments are beautiful! Hopefully I can have seasonal trees. Vicky L

Beth said...

What a super tree France. I like your mix of glass and cross stitch ornaments.

Lisa T said...

Beautiful tree! I just love to see all of your ornaments and read the stories behind them. What a great idea!

Andrea said...

A wonderful tree full of lots of lovely ornaments. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Carol said...

I've never seen a Thanksgiving tree before, but what a great idea! Love all of your little handmade creations, Frances, especially the PS ones :)

Karen said...

Beautiful tree! I love seeing your seasonal/holiday tree and all the ornaments that you've made.

Caitlin D said...

New follower here. Found you via Jacquie. I love your Thanksgiving tree. All the ornaments (bought or made) are beautiful! The turkey is my favorite. So cute!!

BeauregardCdi Even said...

It's a beautiful tradition We do not have this in France, but I learn it at school and i understand that is important. Magnifique, Even

Kay said...

A Thanksgiving tree is a lovely idea, I particularly like the squirrel design. x