Monday, November 10, 2014

Winners and ANOTHER Giveaway!

Hello again!  It's time to announce the new winners!

Chart 1:  Aubs Ogrady
Chart 2:  No takers
Chart 3:  No takers
Chart 4:  Renee
Chart 5:  No takers

If Aubs and Renee will please email me their mailing addresses, I'll get these in the mail quickly.  If you are not in the US, please list your address exactly like it needs to be on the package!  Sorry--here in the US we don't address mail like other countries do & I want to get it right!!!  Thanks!

If you didn't win this time, please try again!!!  I have more!

NOW!  I think it's time to give away more!  This time, I have some hardback books I'm going to be sending out!  These have really, really pretty charts in them.  However, most are large and won't stitch up overnight!  But they are truly lovely!  I have had a couple for a while and then I got several at the Salvation Army for under $1 each!!!  

Merry Christmas ABC--Leisure Arts

Christmas Portraits--Leisure Arts

Once Upon a Christmastime--Leisure Arts
Ok--can you believe this??  I have two of these, so there are two available!

A Cross-Stitch Christmas--Better Homes & Gardens

I want to do this quickly, so let's close this Thursday morning!  I still have a few more things to list after this one is done! I'm so happy to get some space on the shelf!  
If you haven't won yet, keep checking back!!!

Thank you for stopping by--please come back soon!


Aubs Ogrady said...

I am so Happy :')
Thank you so much.

I won't enter any of these because I just got something.

Leah Mack said...

Congrats my girl (Aubs Ogrady)xx
You wont enter it but I will!
Can you please enter me for book 2?
Thank you

Jacquie Morris said...

Wow happy stitching ladies :)
Such lovely books Frances.... I cannot choose as I think they have such wonderful designs in... If I could be entered I would be over the moon to receive one of your lovely books you have today on your giveaway :)
Perfect for that special Christmas something or ornament making :)
Hope your 'other' question went ok today... Was thinking about you :). Fingers crossed :)
Smiles :)

Lisa T said...

Congratulations to the winners! I will again sit this one out since I already won in the first round of giveaways.

Kay said...

this is so exciting. I collect the Christmas Remembered series but don't have your book 4. However, I do live in England and postage might be very expensive for you so I completely understand if you give it to someone else. Thank you for your kindness. x

Andrea said...

I would like to be considered for Book 2. However like Kay has said I am in the UK so understand if you don't want the postal expense. Thank you.

Karen said...

I don't get to check my blogs very often, so missed all the other giveaways... :(, but would love to be considered for book #5. I really enjoy your blog!

Jiienna said...

Congrats to winners! :) I would love book number 4:)

xs88fan said...

Congratulations to the winners. I will like to be enter for Book #5 please. Thank you. Vicky L

jhm said...

I would like to be entered for book 3 or 4 (the same book).

Thanks for thanking the veterans. My Dad also served in WW 2 as well as Korea. Mu husband has never served but is a Glider pilot. I am also a vet.