Sunday, April 3, 2016

Back Yet Again!!

Hello Blogging Friends!!
I am back to blogging now...Holy Week and Easter are behind me now!  What a great feeling to have it all finished!  Everything went so well.  It was really beautiful!

The week before Holy Week, we lost one of our retired Bishops.  We were sorry because he was such a lovely person and will be sorely missed.  I have played for priests' funerals before, but never for a Bishop!  It's a three day group of events!!!  And this was the week before Holy Week!  I could not believe it, but everything was wonderful.  It was a joyous funeral.  We just had to juggle things greatly at the last minute!  Bishops from all over came--here is a photo of them during the processional hymn.  Quite an impressive bunch!

I went shopping at the Salvation Army (after leaving some donations!) and couldn't pass up this little strawberry picture.  It was a whole dollar!!  I plan to take it apart and make a little pillow ornament with it!  So sweet.  I always feel bad to see someone's hard work end up in a junk store!

You all know how wild I am about my sweet kitty Omar!  I got him a little t shirt.  You can see that he is not a fan of t shirts!  His expression is priceless!  I guess I'm just not going to have a cat that wears clothes!!!  hahaha   It even says "mommy's little dude" on it! hahaha

I'm embarrassed to show my Easter tree now, but I will do it anyway!!!!  It was cute and I enjoyed fixing it.  I will pull off the obvious Easter things and add some flowers and butterflies to make it a Spring tree!


I love all my sweet bunnies and carrots!

Finally, here are a few photos of the Cathedral decorated for Easter.  It is truly a stunning place!

Our weather has been delightful in Mississippi, except for the pollen and oak tassels!! Everyone is snorting and snooting!  But that's just how it is at this time of year.  These azaleas were so pretty at the rectory.  The bushes are so full!

Thank you for stopping by and please come back soon!  I hope I will have more posts and finishes to show very soon!  I am planning a big finishing day--my stack is growing and I'm very anxious to jump in and get some things done!  Now that Easter is over, we have a long stretch of calm regular Sundays!  YAY!!  Nothing special!  I feel like I will finally be back in my normal life!

Happy Spring!


KimM said...

Frances, I can't imagine how busy you were playing for the funeral and Holy Week! The funeral procession looks so beautiful and impressive. Omar looks....ready to ge the shirt off - HA! Your Easter tree is gorgeous. And I love the Salvation Army find. I know how you feel finding a treasure like that - thrilled to have rescued it and a bit forlorn someone's love and efforts had been discarded. However, you'll give it a happy home.

CalamityJr said...

What beautiful pictures of the cathedral. I love when the holidays look like holidays. And the bishop's funeral - wow. You aren't showing your Easter tree too late, not after the week you had. We're just happy to see it. Thanks for sharing!

Vickie said...

I am glad you can relax now. And I look forward to your finishes to come. Omar is so beautiful.

Shelly said...

Its been a couple busy weeks for you, hasn't it. Enjoy the downtime! Your Easter tree is so cute! My cats can't handle clothing either! Oh well. I see that too over here with the stitching found in secondhand stores. Its kind of sad but at least yours is getting a second chance. I'm looking forward to what you do with your finishes!

Beth said...

I was thinking about you during holy week and thought that you would be extra busy with all the special services. What a pretty Easter / spring tree - love all the bunny decorations.

Ariadne said...

Interesting photos!Those azaleas have such amazing colour!AriadnefromGreece!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Frances. Wow, you have been busy! The cathedral is so beautiful, such a wonderful place to work.

Your little yellow bunny is a cutie. Looking forward to your Spring tree. You have such an eye for decorating. Have a wonderful day!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Happy to hear you rescued the needlework from the junk store. Yes it is sad to see someone's efforts tossed aside. Beautiful church

Carol said...

What a busy month you've had, Frances! I loved seeing your Easter tree with all of those cute bunnies :) Hope April brings more stitching time your way--enjoy that lovely Mississippi weather! (We had snow last night :(

Andrea said...

Busy, busy, a time to relax now. :) Still love your trees whenever. :) Enjoy your weather, April showers for us at the moment.

diamondc said...

Frances: My heart swells when I so many Holy Men together sadly it was for a funeral.
Are those pictures of your Church? if so you are so lucky, beautiful.
I love the Mary Alter and St. Joseph Alters are stunning, the main Alter is so beautiful.
Love your Easter Tree it is so cute and sweet.
The flowers are so pretty.
I am like you I rescue some stitching from the second hand stores.


Kaisievic said...

Frances, how lovely that you were able to play for the Bishop's funeral - so special. Your Easter tree looks great.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Frances, you are certainly a talented lady! What an experience in such a stunning setting. Easter Trees, wow. I'm happy the little basket has found a new home.