Thursday, February 25, 2016

St. Paddy's is coming soon!

Dear Blogging Friends:

I have taken down the Valentine Tree and now have the St. Patrick's tree up!


This green tree always makes me happy!  I don't have any new cross stitched ornaments, but I do have a sweet little Lizzie Kate kitted up to do--hopefully before the holiday is over!!!

St. Patrick's Day is such a fun day here.  Jackson has the St. Paddy's Day Parade, and it is so much fun!  Everyone wears green and throws beads and dyed green potatoes!  (not sure about that, but it's always done!).  Many of you may have seen the books about the Sweet Potato Queens.  They were always in the St. Paddy's Day parade, until recently!
They are so funny!  Google them if you aren't familiar!!  A Riot!
Anyway, a local shopping mall used to have a Miss St. Paddy's Day Pageant.  It was a farce--not a real one!  Everyone was silly and dressed up funny!  To make a long story short, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a photo of me from like 1995, when I was Miss St. Paddy's!!!  In the parade, I rode in a golf cart driven by an Elvis Impersonator!  It is such a highlight of my life!  hahaha
My name was Miss Kitty from the City and I wore leopard and tiger print, with large fuzzy tiger slippers with plastic claws!  I teased my hair and wore a Burger King crown!!

Our weather has been so wonderful lately...except for the horrible storms a couple of days ago!  ha
The Canada Geese love to come in our yard and visit.  Here is a sweet couple, just waltzing and honking through the yard!  Look at all those sweet gum balls on the ground! They make such a mess!

I had a wonderful trip to Louisiana last week.  I accompany a friend of mine from when we studied for our Masters Degrees.  She is a wonderful singer.  We presented a program on music from the Harlem Renaissance and it was such a delight!  It was at an art museum--a beautiful setting!

I even have a tiny bit of stitching to show!!!  It's a very tiny bit, but some, at least!  And one is not quite completed!!  I stitched these with some wonderful floss that was sent to me by our sweet friend Annette.  This floss is Cosmo Seasons floss.  It is wonderful!  Egyptian cotton and glides beautifully!  I didn't know about it--we have no local stores--only Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and they only carry DMC.  Thank you again, so much, Annette!!!  I will make these into two sweet little ornaments!  I am getting a bit of a stack for finishing.  I will have to take a day and get it all done!


Thank you for visiting by blog, and please stop by again soon!


Jacquie Morris said...

Wow!! Adore your green themed St Patrick's trees!! They are wonderful!!
The celebrations look so much fun.
Well look at you!! Lovely photos!!
And you are so busy! But managed to squeeze in some stitching!! Awesome!
Big big smiles :)

Angela Tucker said...

Frances, your tree is so pretty!! I never seem to get to stitching for St. Patrick's Day...maybe next year.

I think you made an awesome Miss St. Paddy's. The slippers are to die for! And the crown was the perfect touch. LOL

You and your friend look so elegant in your fancy dresses. Very nice.

Have a great night!

diamondc said...

Frances: Love the Irish Tree so pretty.
I just love visiting your blog to see your seasonal tree and what stitching you are up to.
I think you two ladies look lovely, such pretty dresses.
I have read the Sweet potato Queens books, they are a stitch and a hoot, I laughed so much.
Yes we get the geese but they stay out on the golf course, we get the pleasure of seeing them and they stay away from the yard.
Love the golf cart and the Elvis Impersonator oh so funny.


Vickie said...

Miss Kitty from the city! :D
You and your friend look lovely in Louisiana.

Justine said...

Hello Miss Kitty from the City! Great photo.
I love your St Patrick's Day tree! Are you getting busy for a 4th July tree I wonder?

Shelly said...

As always, love the trees! You make such a good Queen! Nice start.

Kaisievic said...

Your St Patrick's Day tree is so very gorgeous and look at you - woo hoo! Love the sound of all of your town's St Patrick Day's festivities, especially the Sweet Potato Queens.

Ariadne said...

The presentation must have been great!Are you considering to offer us a link with your music?AriadnefromGreece!

Pamela said...

Your St. Patrick's Day tree is gorgeous and those new ornaments are going to look lovely on your Independence Day tree.

Beth said...

What an interesting post Frances. You were something special there for your parade in 1995! I enjoy seeing how you change out your tree.

Carol said...

Oh, your Miss Kitty photo made me smile this morning, Frances :) We have a large St. Patrick's Day parade here in Pittsburgh, too, but it is often so cold! I imagine yours is warmer being in Mississippi!

Love your tree and your new stitchings. Always enjoy patriotic stitching so much :)

Happy March to you!

Annette-California said...

LOVED your photo Miss Kitty of the City! How beautiful you are in your lovely formal gown! You know I love how you decorate your trees for every holiday and you certainly didn't disappoint for St Patrick's day tree!!! Love it! Oh how pretty both your stitched mini's are! Hmmm must have a look in my stash for you on Cosmos floss:))))
love and hugs Annette

Astrids dragon said...

Another fun tree! Love you as Miss Kitty, I hope you have it framed and on display! The minis are cute, wonder where they're going?!