Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mardi Gras!!

Well, Mardi Gras is just now over!  And I am just now showing my tree!  haha
This year, I used my super skinny tree, and I think I really prefer a fatter tree for all of my "loot"!!!!  But, this tree had New Years on it, and after I took that stuff off, I just grabbed Mardi Gras and started on that!  I have Valentines on the shorter, fatter tree, which I will show tomorrow!
I have used a parasol on top before, but the skinny little top couldn't handle the parasol, so I just plopped a crown on top and continued to decorate!  It has some cross stitched ornaments, masks, and feathers, as well as several things I have bought through the years when visiting New Orleans.  It also has beads from parades!

Here are a few close up photos!  I like the bright happy colors!

Last year I bought a pack of plastic Mardi Gras ornaments on the deep sale aisle at Walmart! About four or five of them were cracked, so they were pitched a few weeks ago! (maybe a sign that I don't need to buy any!!)   Skinny tree couldn't hold them all, so I put some around the house in jars and bowls.  It spreads the fun and color!

I am so pleased with my sweet cat, Omar!  He has been such a joy!  Here is a photo of me with him, and you can tell that he's really not wanting his photo made!  (yes, that is our Christmas tree, but this was taken a while back...our tree is not still up!!)

He is a mix breed, with Turkish Angora being prominent in his appearance.  I wasn't familiar with the breed, but they have a big mane and chiseled facial bone structure.  I'd say that's a good description!

Lastly, cats do what they do, when they want to!  He knows he's not supposed to get on the kitchen table (or any table) but I caught him in the act!

This was my mother's oak dining set.  She liked antiques and had rust velvet chair bottoms in this.  I selected the leopard with silver piping, and my curtains were finally installed!  They are a silver linen with square silver studs.  The color is off in this photo. The walls are taupe.  But I'm happy with how things are turning out!

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope to have my Valentine tree posted very, very soon!  I also have a few little completed stitches to show!  I've been running around doing all sorts of stuff.  My poor blog has suffered again, but I also have tried to look over yours when I can!  Some of you are stitching such beautiful things!  I am so envious!  I must catch up with you!  haha

Please stop by again soon!


Jacquie Morris said...

I adore your trees.... This one is a joy to look at, it's oozing happiness and I love how colourful it is.
Looking forward to seeing your valentines tree :)
Big happy smiles :)

Vickie said...

Wow! I would say that tree is fully decorated!
Omar is so beautiful.

CalamityJr said...

What a happy tree! I'd hate taking it down after enjoying all those bright colors. The ornaments in bowls look great, carrying the celebration though the house. You, Omar, and your home are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Terri said...

We have a cat just like that! I didn't know she was Turkish Angora, though. Your Omar looks just like our Peyton! Beautiful!

Love your Mardi Gras decorations!

butterfly said...

Lovely post , and what a great tree.
My daughter has a white cat she loves him .
Omar looks just like him .

Karen said...

Great Mardi Gras tree! Did you have any King Cake to complete the celebration?

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Great tree!
Omar is cute!

KimM said...

Love your tree - and OMAR is SOOOO handsome!!

Annette-California said...

Beautiful photo of you and Omar! He is Gorgeous! A new man in your life lol! LOVE your tree oh it looks amazing. AND LOVE your new walls. I recall you were working with a interior decorator. Your floors look fantastic. I too am behind on my blog posts...sigh....
love Annette

Andrea said...

Love the tree. Omar is just so cute.

Astrids dragon said...

What a great tree, I love it!
Omar is a sweetie, so beautiful.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Hi, Wow, You are such a wonderful decorator. Love your tree (s) all of them. Omar is a handsome cat. We have a part Persian named Mitzy who is about 21 now and very standoffish, always has been, but is still very healthy. She will 'allow' me to rub her head once a day and only between the ears. LOL

Beth said...

What a lushly colored Mardi Gras tree! I'll bet you smile every time you see it. So glad you and Omar are becoming such good friends.