Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello fellow bloggers!
I hope you all had a good week and are enjoying a relaxing weekend!  This is a fun weekend because Sunday is Valentine's Day!  I have always heard teachers say that children really enjoy Valentine's Day more than anything else...they love those silly little cards! I do remember how much fun it was to sit down and fix Valentines for everyone in the class. We would make a Valentine bag from a white paper bag that we decorated! Everyone would walk by the desks and deposit Valentines in all the bags!  Ha!  Such fun!

Of course, it's time to see my Valentine Tree!

I like this shorter tree, that's a little "fatter" than the one I used for Mardi Gras....what can you do when you have two holidays at practically the same time???  Oh, such problems!!


I love these fun ornaments!  I probably have more Valentine cross stitch than any of the other holidays.  I love the fun colors!  I also like the pale pink and hot pink filigree heart lights.  They came from Target and are battery operated, so you don't have all those cords everywhere!  I have 3 sweet little furry monkeys--pink, red, and black!  And you might remember that I have quite a few little "antique" Valentines on there.  My cousin was cleaning out her mother-in-law's things and came across these from the early 1930s.  She asked if I wanted them...silly question!  They are so sweet!  I've enjoyed tucking them in empty spots on the tree.

I turned my back for one second, and Omar had to come and check out the tree!  Haha! He loves to be sure he knows exactly what's going on everywhere!

Speaking of Omar, (I think I really need a grandchild to funnel my energy toward!!!) Anyway, you may remember my strange post that he loves to roll around on my bra.....yes, I know this is odd to post!  Anyway, I was changing in the bathroom and dropped my bra and he pounced right on it!  (of course!)  I know it's weird to show, but I think this is so cute!!  (don't think we're strange!!)

He just rolled and rolled!  Doesn't he look happy????  He can pretty much camouflage on that white floor.  He might get stepped on one day!

I hope you have a fun weekend.  Thanks for stopping by and please visit again soon!



KimM said...

Love your tree and Love Omar. They can be characters, can't they?

Carol said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Frances--such a fun tree you've created! And Omar is such a beauty--too funny that he is in love with your bra :)

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

lovely Valentine tree, sweet ornaments, Omar was trying to get your scent onto his body. My Buttons dose that to all of Dave's clothes if he leaves something in reach of her, she will rub all over it. They just want to know you are there when we go out. Have a great day. Hugs

Marilyn said...

Your Valentines tree is so pretty.
Silly Omar!

butterfly said...

Wonderful Valentines tree you have so many ornaments , looks so pretty.

Kay said...

Happy Valentine's day. It is interesting to se how things are done differently in other countries, I know in America that Valentine's is a big thing form young children upwards but in the U.K. it is an adult only day and really for people who are in steady relationships. Your tree is so sweet. x

marly said...

My sister's cat used to do that. Her bras were so big he rolled it up and buried himself in it! Another wonderful tree.

Beth said...

Omar know who is in charge at your house! My favorite ornament is Love - pink floss on chocolate brown fabric!