Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter!

Hello Blogging Friends!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post.  I appreciate your visits and hope to be better in replying to your comments soon!

I have my Easter tree up, and it looks like Spring in my house! 

I'm planning my Easter lunch on Sunday.  My son and his family are coming this year.  However, since I invited friends last year, I've asked them back for this year--the more, the merrier!  I just finished setting the table.  I hope Omar doesn't get up there and sit in every plate...

We are in Holy Week at the moment, and that's about all I've been working on for a while.  I love the services, and it does take much preparation for everything to go well.  The Cathedral was beautifully decorated for Palm Sunday.  We had a procession with singing, and it was stunning.  Below is a picture of the altar area with all the palm decorations.

I especially enjoy Chrism Mass, where the sacred oils are blessed and given out to the parishes.  All of the priests of the Diocese come, and renew their vows.  Representatives from each church come to accept the oils for their churches.  The photo below is during the Eucharistic prayers, when all the priests come forward to concelebrate Mass.  I love seeing them up there together. in their matching vestments.

I don't have much more to report at the moment!  Things will calm down tremendously after Easter is over!  My birds are coming back to the feeders.  I had so many during the winter.  Then they were gone almost instantly one day!  Oh yes-I went to Texas last week, as a guest for their music convention.  I had a great time and heard some beautiful recitals.  I was the featured speaker at their banquet. I don't have any new photos of Omar or Zoe, but I know that I will after Sunday!

Happy Easter and please come visit again soon!



Vickie said...

What a pretty tree Frances. I look forward to going to our Holy Unction tomorrow night. Since we are Orthodox, our Easter in next Sunday. Tomorrow night we will have 7 priests together anointing us each with oil.

diamondc said...

Frances: Happy Blessed Easter: What a beautiful Easter Tree, it is so good to see a post from you.
I am in love with your Cathedral it is beautiful.

Happy Easter

butterfly said...

Love the Easter tree .
Enjoy your Easter,

Beth said...

Frances - Lovely photos of your cathedral. I think you are being very modest if you are a special guest and featured speaker! Wow! I would love to hear you play sometime, if ever there is a recording of a service with you please let me know. Hayy Easter to you and yours.

Andrea said...

Your Cathedral is stunning.

Love the Easter tree.

Justine said...

Happy Easter Frances! Your cathedral looks beautiful.

Astrids dragon said...

Such a lovely Easter tree.
Your Cathedral is beautiful, the stained glass looks like it should be stitched!

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