Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

Dear Blogging Friends:

As usual, I'm running around and behind on the blog!  However, I'm posting my Spring Tree today!  I took the obvious rabbit and egg items off the Easter Tree and have replaced with flowers, birds, etc to be ready for Spring!  You might remember that several of these are old, outdated pieces that I either cut down or just made into ornaments.



Easter was wonderful!  (I can't believe a month has passed since then!)  Our Holy Week services went wonderfully and without problems.  The church was decorated beautifully and the music was lovely.  All was good!

I had my little family for Easter this year.  And I also included my friends that I had entertained last year when my family didn't come...We had a great time this year and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I took this photo as I was cleaning up everything.  I always seem to forget about photos until things are over!  I used bright Easter Egg colors and was pleased with how it turned out!

My sweet Zoe came and entertained everyone!  ha  She was so dressed up in her little Easter dress!  She is a sweetie!  Omar came through and didn't hiss or slap at her, so I consider that a step in the right direction!  ha

Actually, she has come to spend time with me a couple of times and we have worked on playing nicely with Omar.  I can tell that he is tolerating her, but she is trying to pet him gently now, instead of hitting him and pulling his tail!  He backs his ears a little, but he endures her!  In another year, they will probably be great friends!  haha

I'm traveling some with my music organization.  Last week I was in Indianapolis to plan an upcoming (in a couple of years) meeting there.  It was such a quick time, but much fun.  I was able to see my dear friend Janie who lives there.  We had dinner out and then went by her beautiful home.  She has a sewing room to die for!  She also quilts and has a beautiful quilt she's working on.  Also, her cross stitch is displayed throughout her house.  It was such a fun evening!

I didn't take any cross stitch with me on the plane, which was too bad.  I was staggering out of my house to get to the airport, after waking up at 3:00 am!  I just didn't think of it until I was halfway to the airport!  Oh well!

I'm cleaning a guest bedroom that I have really let go for a long time!  I have made great progress and have a couple of boxes of junk to donate.  I am not finished...there is more!  I intend to organize my cross stitch after that, and I want to get on with some fun stitching!  You would not believe the patterns, supplies, etc that I have!  And I love each and every item!  I am going to guess that you have too much, too!  ha  But it is such a fun hobby and collecting up "things" is part of the fun!

I'm still feeding my birds and loving that!  I got my handyman to put up a feeder pole I got at Walmart and it is in the back of my yard, near the bushes.  I think it has taken some time for them to find it, but I'm seeing a little activity out there, as well.  I hope they will be more safe there, near the bushes.  It is such a fun and relaxing hobby for both me and Omar!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to post more quickly next time.  I have another music trip coming up and I will be sure to take a small project with me this time!  I have enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful creations you all have made!  I have made several comments.  I had to go back, yet again, and fix my "no-reply" status!!  Such a problem!!!



Kay said...

I always enjoy seeing your special trees. x

Justine said...

What a lovely post Frances. Zoe is beautiful and I'm glad to hear she is being a bit more gentle with Omar!

Vickie said...

This tree is wonderful Frances. Zoe is just precious is that beautiful dress! Have a great time on your next trip.

Carol said...

Love your trees, Frances--and, of course, seeing the latest photo of your darling Zoe!!

marly said...

Love seeing that gorgeous dining room. And Zoe! I see some really nice stitching on this tree and yes, Spring is finally here! Purging feels good doesn't it?

diamondc said...

Frances: I am so happy to see a post from you.
Your tree as always is beautiful, I love seeing the seasons change on your tree.
Zoe is adorable just so cute, I bet she and Omar will be good friends soon.
I am happy you had a beautiful Easter Dinner, we only had five of us it was small and lovely.


Beth said...

Frances - if you have red curling ribbon - you might tie some on your new feeder. All birds are attracted to red and it might help your new feeder come to their attention. I love your spring tree - the sheep and the blue jay ornaments are great. Your grand-daughter's Easter outfit is darling - I'm glad she and Omar are working on their relationship.

Andrea said...

Wonderful Spring tree. Zoe and Omar must be getting accustomed to each other and will be the best of friends soon no doubt. Your table setting look great, very bright and cheerful.
Have a good week.