Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hello to All!

Dear Friends,

It has been a whirlwind of activity in my neck of the woods!!!

I just checked my blog, and of course, I was no-reply yet again!!!  I think I have fixed it again.  I really don't like this at all, but I guess I'll just have to check often!!!  Grrrrrr

I have just celebrated my birthday.....a huge birthday.....I am now 60!!!  Oh my, how did that happen?  Well, it just did!   haha   I had a lovely celebration at a beautiful restaurant with my son and his family.  We had a fun time and I was totally entertained by precious Zoe!  Then my friend, Helen, took me out to eat and we had another lovely eventing.  All in all, it was great!

I had to go to Indianapolis to work on the budget of my music organization.  While I was there, I had my trusty handymen to come and re-do my bedroom.  It was painted dark burgundy, which I liked, but it screamed 1980s and I guess it was just time to update a bit!  I also had carpet, and wanted laminate floors like I have in most of the rest of my house.  They painted the walls a very pale gray, matching the master bath that I had done over about a year ago.  They re-hung the blinds and valances, both of which I decided to keep.  Burgundy toile--and I still like it.  Then they went to get the flooring, which is discontinued......So, they had to order something similar, which was to take about 5 days to come in!!!  I got home and had to sleep in the guest room for a few days, which really wasn't that bad!  It was just an obstacle course of propped furniture in my bedroom, and I had to maneuver through on the bare slab to get to my bath, clothes, etc.  But it came in and they put it down and it looks good!  So all is well!  I picked out a new fan--I had the old schoolhouse fan, which I was tired of, so I picked out a new one that is rather futuristic!  I call it the "Jetson Fan".  I'm very pleased with all and so glad to be back in there!  The handymen told me that it took 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint to get the walls right!!  haha    I put the rug from my den in there--it is too small, but I think I'm going to live with it right now.  I'm tired of looking for anything else and it matches fine--just a little bit small.  Omar seems to like it fine!  Sorry to have the antiquated exercise bike in the photo--I never get on it!  That's why the bike looks like new (even though it's old!!!)  haha   All will look better when I hang my pictures.


In hanging up pictures, which I have not totally finished, I decided to hang my favorite little Prairie Schoolers in the corner of my room.  I made this Prairie Year a long time ago for my mother, and she had them hung in her house, and then in her apartment.  After she died, I brought them home and they've been in a box for 3 years.  I decided I wanted them out, so one night I got in there with a hammer and hung them up.  I must tell you that hanging 12 small frames is not the easiest thing I've ever done!!!  haha  Don't look too close or you may see something a little bit off, but I think they look about as good as I'm going to get them!  I have always thought these were so sweet and I love the colors--the DMC suggested colors.  I toyed with the idea of making ornaments, but I really like these together as a set!    (the wall color is totally off in this photo!)

The weather has been hot here and steamy on some days, but pleasant on others!  Today, I thought I saw a giant turtle on the creek bank, as I was driving up to my house.  I got out with my phone and tiptoed to the creek bank, but I guess he heard me coming.  All I saw was him sliding down and plopping into the water!  He was huge!!  Probably as big as the platter I put my turkey on!  He was enjoying the sun and I guess I interrupted him!  While I was out there, I picked up two feathers from Canada Geese.  One large feather, and one medium-sized.  I brought them in, washed them off, and dried them in the sun.  They are so beatiful!

SPEAKING OF GEESE.....I think they are so beautiful, and I love seeing them waddling along with their babies.  However, they are the messiest creatures around!!  You know what I mean!  For the past 3 days I have seen tons of poop on my patio!!  I couldn't believe it!  They never come up that close to the house.  I guess they have located the sunflower seeds I put out on the patio for the ground-feeders like the mourning doves.  The cardinals like them, too!  Anyway, I was not happy because I don't want them out on my patio making a mess.  Well, yesterday I just happened to look out and see them coming through the bushes, waddling toward my patio!  I couldn't believe it!  And they had their gawky "teenager" babies with them!  I took photos and then scared them off.  However, there is fresh poo out there today, so I didn't scare them too badly!  haha   Such problems I have!! haha
These photos show them coming in and going out of my yard!!  ha


I am getting ready to go to the furniture store to talk about returning the sofa and rug that was delivered yesterday.  I think the sofa has been in someone's house--back cushion has a "head shaped" dent in it......Rug is all curled up and I've had big books on it, and it's still all kicked up on the edge!  Oh me... I will have to handle this!  I'm in a redecorating mood!  Oh, and the delivery men left my old sofa (which they had to move out of the way for the new one)...on its back in my foyer, by the front door and blocking the music room......Stay tuned for chapter two of this exciting adventure!

Oh yes, one more exciting thing!  While the men were here, I got them to put in a new outlet in my foyer, behind my cross stitch tree!  No more extension cords spread everywhere and running along the wall!  I am so pleased and should have done this years ago!  

Sweet Omar is in the baby doll bed, bathing and getting settled for a nap!

Thank you for stopping by.  Please do so again! 



Vickie said...

Oh Frances I love the way your room looks now. The Prairie Year on your wall is fabulous!!

marly said...

Your bedroom is lovely. I do like that rug! Sounds like you have good people working for you. And messy but comical youngsters! Happy belated birthday.

Kay said...

Happy birthday. You have been busy, your bedroom looks so pretty, I really like the colour scheme. I hope you get your sofa sorted soon too. x

Karen said...

Happy 60th Birthday! I'll be there in just a few months. Your bedroom looks great with the light gray walls.

Beth said...

You've had a busy time of it Frances - and never easy to address things that are not 'right' to begin with - good for you standing up and taking care of things. Your geese will probably move on after the babies grow up a bit - my band-tailed pigeons are huge poopers so I understand your displeasure.

Marilyn said...

Happy 60th!!!
The bedroom turned out pretty.
The PS's look fabulous on the wall.
I know what you mean about the Geese, pretty, but very messy!
Have a good Memorial Day!

Andrea said...

Happy 60th!
Your bedroom looks lovely.
The PS frames look wonderful on the wall.
Wow so many geese!

diamondc said...

Frances: Happy Birthday.
What fun you are having, redecorating, your bedroom is lovely, that light fan is so cool.
I am sad that you have to return the sofa and rug.


Shelly said...

Oh, you had some nice work done on your house. I can't believe the furniture company would deliver those pieces like that, wow. I've heard that happens sometimes. Glad you're returning it all. The Jetson fan, haha. Also had a chuckle about the teenaged geese babies! They are cute though! Those PS wall hangings though...ooh wonderful. Enjoy it all!