Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth of July!

Dear Friends,

Well, time just keeps flying by! 
Things are actually slowing down for a bit now!  I am excited about that, for sure!

It is so hot here in the hottest of hot places!!!! I don't know where all of you live, but it can't be much hotter than it is here in Mississippi!  However, we just turn up the air and get on with life! 

I have not been good about posting, but I have been quickly trying to read through and keep up with you!  It seems some of you are having or have had computer issues with the blog.  My comments are not coming to my email.  That really makes me unhappy.  I'm wondering if that's happening to you, too!  I will be checking to see if I am yet again a no-reply blogger!  I guess I will always fight that!

I cannot believe how fast this year is going by!  It's half over!  Oh my!

I have my Patriotic Tree up, and it's always one of my favorites!  I have it on Facebook, in a couple of groups that I'm in.  Maybe you've seen it there.  But here is is:



I love these happy and fun ornaments.  I have a few more I'd like to stitch.  I have lots of fun patriotic fabrics to use in finishing.  I really need to make more!

In my previous email, I talked about getting my bedroom in order and paint, flooring, etc.  I also decided to get a new sofa and rug in my living room.  You might remember that I said I had gotten a sofa that didn't look new and the rug was all curled up and wrong.  Well, I called my salesman and got it all worked out, easily and pleasantly!  I went back and picked out two totally different items and I'm very pleased with them.  It's a total change from the dark red sofa and the dark rug that is now in my bedroom.  I just got a wild harir and did it!  I didn't change anything else.  But I will now have to replace the dark chair, but that's fine.  I'll get to that!  The light sofa and rug totally changed the whole room.  It's been fun.  Now I have to stop spending money!  hahaha

Omar couldn't wait to jump on the rug and roll around!  He approves, so it must be ok!  haha  He's such a funny boy!

I actually did some stitiching on the plane for my latest music trip to Milwaukee!  I was so proud of myself!  I hope to show the completed piece on my next post.  I also got to visit with my dear friend, Janie, and she gave me a precious little row of pumpkins that she stitched, and I'm going to make a Halloween ornament with that!  What fun!!!

I cannot make a post without Omar and Zoe!  I've already shown Omar.  I just realized he's in the photo of the living room....He is such a ham!

For the Fourth, I went to brunch with my son and his wife and baby.  It's just too hot to stay outside for long.  We had a good time, though, and here is sweet Zoe!!!

Happy Fourth!  Thank you to those who still stop by my blog!  I need to work on getting more readers!!  (and it would help to post more often!!! haha)  Come visit again soon!



Beth said...

Omar is totally on board with your decorating changes! Good to see your Patriotic tree with Lincoln and Washington looking on. And Zoe - what a cuitie!

Vickie said...

I love your patriotic tree. Your living room is gorgeous! Oh no. You came to Milwaukee! I live 5 minutes outside of Milwaukee!!

Vicki said...

I was having the same problem with comments and our friend Jo printed a fix. You can find it at
I applied it to both of my blogs and it worked! I now receive emails for comments left. I was so glad... Hope it works for you.

Andrea said...

Yes we were having problems with blogger and it was highly frustrating. All should be fine now, I along with others have posted a fix for it.

Your tree is lovely. Love your new sofa and the rug is just gorgeous. The room seems a very serene and peaceful place. Zoe is just adorable.

Justine said...

I love your new sofa and rug, what a fresh new look. Your tree is gorgeous as always and Zoe is adorable!

Astrids dragon said...

The Patriotic Tree looks wonderful, keep on stitching for it!
Your family room is beautiful, I love the colours you chose.
Sweet Omar, yes, he obviously approves! And Zoe is precious, I hope you get to see her often.

diamondc said...

Frances: Oh my gosh Zoe are getting big, oh so cute.
I am in Love with your tree so patriotic.
Thank-you for sharing with us.


Bianca Clark said...

Zoe is adorable. I enjoy reading your blog.