Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It's Been a While!! (and Halloween!)

Dear Stitching Friends,

I have been a bad girl, and not doing much blogging for a while!  I really enjoyed my break...Summer was busy and HOT!  But our weather has broken now, and we are enjoying cooler weather for a change!

I have missed out on some wonderful stitching by all of you!  I'm going through blogs now and seeing what's been going on!  I did participate in an exchange, and I really enjoyed that.  I'm catching up on all of your news and I'll be trying to comment and respond! I had to re-sod a part of my yard--my only two year old sod!  Believe it or not, it got chinch bugs and they ate and destroyed a big path through my formerly beautiful grass!  It was dreadful, but I just bit the bullet and called the sod man and now it's looking great again!  I hope this is finished.  I will not be doing this every other year!!!

It's almost Halloween, so I have done some Halloween decorating!  I love my beautiful concrete lion that sits at my front door.  It was my mother's and I brought it to my house so I could enjoy it after she died.  She had the little mask for him, and I put a fluffy bow on him, so he could participate in the Holiday Festivities!  ha!

I also put up my Halloween tree, which I adore!  I think the bright orange and black is so much fun, and it makes me smile!  In addition to the little clear lights that came on the tree, I add little "candy corn" lights that make it even more festive!  They don't really show up too well here, but they are cute in reality!


I've actually done a little stitching and that's been fun.  You don't realize how much you miss it until you pick it up again!  I hope to have some finishes to show soon!

I can't do a post without including my two favorites.....Precious Omar is always ready to pose!  He approves of my new chair and is always happy to strike a very becoming pose!

Darling Zoe is just growing too fast!  My son wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, (I didn't particularly!) but we went and she loved her little buffalo hat! ha  Apparently those fries are pretty good, too! ha

Thank you for visiting!  If you are reading this, then you are one of my very few readers that I still have!  oops!  I will try to work on that!

I hope things are going well for everyone, and that you are anxiously awaiting the Holiday Seasons that are upon us!  I will do my best to make another post in a reasonable amount of time! ha



Astrids dragon said...

Welcome back to the blogging world!
The perfect Halloween lion, what a sweet way to remember your Mom.
I love your tree, so many wonderful treats on there!
Omar and of course, Zoe, are adorable! I remember the fries as being pretty tasty too.

Andrea said...

Love the lion and trees decorated for Halloween. Wonderful photos of Zoe and Omar.

Beth said...

Happy Halloween Frances! Love your lion and your black and orange tree. Hope you are at the end of re-sodding.

Marilyn said...

Love your Halloween trees.
Omar is so handsome, and Zoey is cute!
She's really growing.

diamondc said...

Frances: Oh my goodness Zoey is getting big, I am not a fan of Buffalo wings but Mike likes it there, way to loud and the food is not to my liking.
Your Halloween Trees are amazing as always.
Your lion is a hoot, it looks like he had a great time on Halloween.
Omar is so sweet, Blondie the cat says hello to Omar, he is beautiful.
I will write tomorrow or Friday.


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