Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year in Review!

Dear Stitching Friends,

2014 has been such a lovely year with many new and exciting things!

First, I started my blog this year and it has brought me much pleasure!  I have met many wonderful people through it, and I hope to meet even more in the coming year!  I had wanted a blog for quite a while, and just never made up my mind to do it!  I finally took the plunge this year, and I am so glad I did!

I have won some giveaways!  I have participated in exchanges!  I have received RAKs!
I even had my own giveaways!

 Beautiful giveaway from Annette!

My 1st giveaway win from Jacquie! 

Exchange I sent....                                                      Beautiful RAK from Andrea!

THERE ARE OTHERS!  I hate to post just these few photos, because I don't want to leave anything or anyone out!!!!  I have absolutely LOVED everything that I have been privileged to do!  And also the people---such wonderful, wonderful new friends!!!  I'm just not organized with my photos and I'm finding what I can!!!  (I need to work on that!)

Time has been limited at some points, but I manage to keep it going!  I am about to begin my LAST semester on my Masters in Music and I will graduate in May!  I cannot wait to have this behind me!  I was probably CRAZY for attempting this past the age of 50, but the end is in sight and I am thrilled!  I will definitely post photos of me in my cap and gown, marching with a bunch of 20-somethings!!!  I'm so excited!

My music has always been so important to me!
I work as the Parish Music Director/Organist at my church and each year the adult choir presents an Advent Concert on the First Sunday of Advent.  It is a wonderful event and we have done this for 8 years.  Below is a photo--yes, that's me at the piano.  Our robes are about the most unflattering garment made....so ignore how "round" we look!!  (even though I like these and think they look great together!!)

On Christmas Eve, we have 2 Masses and the first has the youth instrumental ensemble that plays, and they always do such a great job!  It's so nice to see young people participate!

I have a beautiful kitty, Dolce, that I got after I lost my precious Violetta.  I also have a lovely family: husband and son & daughter-in-law!
Life is good!

What do I want to do for 2015???    Am I making silly resolutions??


Well, I'll probably get out the standard list of resolutions that I make every year, and never keep!! LOL!!
They are the usual:  lose weight, be more kind to everyone, get organized......

However, I really want to do MORE stitching and get all of my stitching supplies, etc, organized! My blog has made me more aware of how "together" other people are!!!  I want to be, also!
I also want to be better about commenting on other blogs!  I faithfully read many of your blogs, but I'm usually racing through and don't take the time to comment!  I know that I should.  I know how much I enjoy comments, and I certainly need to make to effort to share that enjoyment!  That's a new and sincere resolution!
I also want to get my computer in good shape...I couldn't find photos today....I need to delete useless stuff--just that type of thing!  I've let it go and now it is imperative that I jump in and fix it all!

My main interest in cross stitching has been fixing my seasonal and holiday trees!  I will continue to do that, but hope to add a large piece to work on, too.  I have one big UFO that I might drag out and finish, just to prove that I can actually start and finish something, even after all these years!  It must be 25-30 years old!!! LOL!
BUT, I only have one unfinished thing, so I guess that's positive!  HOWEVER, I have at least 9 million charts that I want to stitch!  So, I'd better get going on those, don't you think????

I hope all of you have a wonderful, healthy, prosperous, and joyous 2015~

Happy New Year

Thank you for stopping by and please come back soon!


Ariadne said...

As I only found you very recently after you commented on my blog, it is good to read this lovely 2014 in review blog post! And that reminds me that maybe I should do the same!Grrrr! Too much job!
Hope 2015 is a good year for you! Regards and happy new year! AriadnefromGreece!

Shebafudge said...

It sounds like you have much to be thankful for this year and I hope that next year is as good, if not better, for you!

I would love to at least see a photo of your very long-standing UFO. Only to have one after such a long stitching career. I hate to think how many I have!

Happy New Year!

Annette-California said...

I think you have accomplished a lot of stitching while attending school at the same time. Great job!
Love seeing the photos of you and your concerts! How beautiful all of you looked and I am sure provided incredible music.
Hope 2015 brings you much happiness and certainly a Masters Degree!!!
Happy New Year, love Annette

Carol said...

It's been fun having you join our stitching/blogging family this year, Frances. I just love your seasonal trees and how wonderful that you're about to begin your last semester for your Master's!! I admire you for going after it at your age. I got mine way back when I was 23 because I knew I could never go back to school :)

Hope 2015 brings every happiness your way!

Brenda A said...

Congrats on entering your last semester, that's so exciting! I look forward to more posts and tree pictures! :)

KimM said...

Lovely post, Frances~ I'm so glad we're Stitching Friends! Best wishes for a lovely 2015 - may all your resolutions come true ;0)

Andrea said...

So exciting for you to enterthe last part of your Masters degree. Roll on May!
I'm so pleased you started blogging and have found friendships all over the world. I still find it hard to imagine that I do have friends in all continents of the world.
Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Lisa T said...

I have enjoyed following your blog the last few months, Frances. Thank you for sharing your creations. I look forward to seeing more in 2015. Happy New Year!
Lisa :D

CalamityJr said...

I also read a lot of blogs but don't often comment, but I'm planning to do better, too! I enjoy seeing how you display your finishes as well as hearing about your musical activities. I know how hard you're working because my daughter is a music professor and I've witnessed just what it takes. Kudos to you for all you're accomplishing!